Puerto López is considered a destination for thousands of domestic and foreign tourists because of the quality of its natural and cultural attractions, but particularly for the kindness of its people.

One of the events that attracts more interest is the Humpback Whale Watching Festival.

In June of each year, the Municipal GAD, through the Department of Tourism, launches, incorporating various presentations, such as: lectures with themes related to marine mammals, presence of journalists at national level, musical events and Several acts to attract the interest of domestic and foreign tourists.

 Observación de Ballenas

In the year 2014, visited 50 thousand tourists, in the months of June to September, time that lasts the whale watching.

For this year is expected the visit of 60 thousand of them, main players in boosting the economy of this spa.

In the face of this tourist upheaval, the City Council has approved Ordinances regulating the activity, within the framework of sustainable and sustainable management, under the guidance of the Ministry of Tourism.

Buceo en Puerto López

The current administration, works to incorporate other tourism products to further strengthen the canton. Under this premise there is already the Mountain Biking Competition "Ruta del Colibrí" and the Festival del Dorado, in synchronization with the fishing activity that is the motor of the development of the canton.

Montañita ciudad del Surf