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The best chocolates in the world are produced in Ecuador

The pleasure of tasting a chocolate is irresistible. Its aroma seduces, its flavor snatches. A piece of this delicacy on the tongue can upset the senses, and even shake an entire population, as happened in the French film 'Chocolate': a Mayan descendant opens a shop in a conservative town and in full season of Lent; its inhabitants are able to sacrifice fasting and lose their heads for a bit of their favorite chocolate. For several years now, a variety of chocolate bars have emerged in Ecuador that take advantage of the cocoa that grows in the country. There are varieties for all palates: those who prefer bitter, fruity or sweet flavors.

Below, we present a guide to the main Ecuadorian bars.

The finest bars in Ecuador

Taste it is an experience for all the senses. A dark and bright color, a dry and strong sound when breaking, which proves its purity; an aroma that envelops, a mild flavor, like the wine of the oldest, which stays on the palate with the desire to taste more. Something difficult to please when it comes to To'ak, the chocolate considered by the Forbes and Fortune magazines as the most expensive in the world, whose origin is in Ecuadorian soil.

A bar of 50 grams spread over 12 pills costs USD 260. The requirement in the quality of the product to meet the parameters of a fine and pure chocolate, the result of a meticulous work of selection and equipment, have earned him that luxury seat. The key is in the quality of the pepa and in the process to which the cocoa is subjected, cultivated by farmers in the community Piedra de Plata, in the canton Calceta, Manabí.

Here there are plants with more than one hundred years of antiquity that produce ears with a unique aroma.

Pacari Chocolates

 Foto The best chocolates in the world are produced in Ecuador

It is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world. Part of its products is made with organic cocoa from the community of Santa Rita, Archidona (Napo). This brand organizes chocolate tastings to savor its varieties. It offers pure chocolate and also the combined with lemon verbena, lemon verbena, chili pepper, chili, rose petals, among others.

Acknowledgments: It has 107 national and international awards; among the most outstanding, he won the gold medal at the International Chocolate Awards, from 2012 to 2015.

Pacari uses organic cocoa that is produced in provinces such as Esmeraldas, Los Ríos or Manabí, also sharing Andean flavors. "We only make dark chocolate, nothing with milk, because art and magic are in doing it that way. We want a brand from the south (of the continent) to be recognized in the north, since most of the raw material is sent (cocoa), "says its Administrative Manager, Carla Barboto.

Pacari, leader of the raw chocolate movement, uses exciting ingredients in its bars, like the forgotten Andean fruits: lemon verbena, uvillas and wild mortiño. Also traditional flavors from neighboring countries: Chilean merkén (ají mapuche) and rose salt from Maras (from the ancient salinas near Cusco).

Barboto adds that the combination Chocolate with Mortiño, is a product that nobody had done, now the world knows that there is mortiño in Ecuador. In addition, the fusion of chocolate with banana, coffee, guava, chocolates with ginger powder or ishpingo is not left behind. In short, there are 10 or 12 flavors that are refreshing in the global flavors menu.

Kallari Chocolates

 Foto The best chocolates in the world are produced in Ecuador

It is produced with cocoa grown by native families of the Province of Napo, in the Amazon. This bar has been in the chocolate shops of the world since 2008. It offers two lines of chocolates: Gourmet, 70%, 75% and 85% cocoa; and, Artesanal, which has 10 varieties that intensify its potency from 60% to 85% of cocoa.

Acknowledgments: Forbes magazine ranked Kallari in the first place of the best bars in the world. He won three silver medals at the Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon.

Chocolates Caoni

 Foto de la The best chocolates in the world are produced in Ecuador

It has black chocolates and milk. The first ones, with 55% and 77% of cocoa, are classified by the province from which the raw material comes: balanced Manabí, (neither bitter nor sour), Los Ríos (intense from the first bite) and Esmeraldas (spicy and floral ).

Your line of bars with milk has options such as: coffee, passion fruit, milk and macadamia.

Acknowledgments: The Esmeraldas bar 77% received the "La Gran Barra Dorada" award from the Ecuador Chocolate Awards contest.

Cocoa Republic

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In the boxes that contain the chocolate you can read the history of Cacao Arriba. These bars are produced with raw materials from the Provinces of Los Ríos, El Oro and Manabí, and are known to incorporate exotic ingredients. República del Cacao has specialized stores in countries such as Peru, Colombia and, of course, Ecuador.

Acknowledgments: He received awards at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards. In addition, the portal GAYOT.COM, of gourmet products, marked it as one of the 10 best chocolate bars in the world.

Hoja Verde Chocolates

 Foto de The best chocolates in the world are produced in Ecuador

It offers black chocolate bars made with fine aroma cocoa. The purest and most powerful of its bars contains 100% cocoa. There are also options for those who prefer a less bitter chocolate, with percentages from 58%.

Acknowledgments: He has won several medals at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards. The German website specialized in chocolates, gave it a place among the best chocolates in the world.

Chocolates El Salinerito

This is a community enterprise of entrepreneurs from Salinas, Guaranda, whose initial impulse was given by Father Antonio Polo, a Salesian priest and educator born in Italy. It produces chocolates filled with blue bird, a typical drink of the area. They also manufacture truffles, chocolate fondue 75% cocoa, bars with peanuts and other products.

Chocolates Valdivia

Inspired by the Valdivia culture, this dark chocolate bar is made with fine aroma cocoa. Each chocolate tablet represents a statue of the Venus of Valdivia. It offers bars of different percentages of organic cocoa.

Acknowledgments: She was awarded the "Barra de Plata" at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards.

Mashpi Chocolates

This chocolate bar is produced with organic cocoa, which grows in areas where forests were previously destroyed. It is an artisan product made in the Mashpi agroecological farm, located 500 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Andean mountain range. It offers bars of different percentages of cocoa, combined with native, exotic and endemic fruits of Chocó.

Minka chocolates

Known in its original language, Quechua, which for everyday use happened to pronounce itself "minga"; means community or collective work for purposes of social utility.

Minka has been concerned about making a high quality gourmet product, for this we have selected cocoa from 5 haciendas from different regions of our country, and with which we elaborate bars from each of the haciendas; thus having a unique flavor and aroma, with different percentages of cocoa: 100%, 70%, 65%, 55% and 43%. We also have Organic and Kosher certification that contribute to the quality guarantee of our chocolate.


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