Quito, December 26, 2018.- In these four days of holidays that come for the end of the year, the hotel offers are prepared to receive thousands of tourists who decide to leave their cities to live new experiences and meet new places. Hotel Selina, an international hotel chain present in our country since 2017, could not be left behind. Selina, unique in its activity, installed in four iconic tourist destinations (Quito, Cuenca, Baños and Montañita), has prepared incredible agendas of diverse activities, designed in the particularities of each city, which can not be ignored by passionate travelers, adventurous tourists and guests in general at a national level.

 Foto de la 4 destinations in Ecuador to receive the New Year

Why visit Selina Quito?

 Foto 4 destinations in Ecuador to receive the New Year

The experience of living in the city of Quito is summarized in the activities that Selina has prepared in our capital for this holiday. The mountainous landscapes, the festive atmosphere, the tradition and culture that surround the historic center, the art arranged in each corner, are some of the characteristics that mark the city, and that Selina has taken to make the hotel experience that provides something unforgettable. Located in the area of ​​La Mariscal, the style of Selina in Quito is characterized by adapting to modern generations with new travel preferences, therefore, it has cowork spaces, wellness, bookstore, cinema, bar restaurant, etc., natural environments and full of energy that have been designed to find relax and meet new people after a day full of adventures.

Why visit Selina Cuenca?

The Red City is one of the most visited destinations in our country, due to the dense history that surrounds each of its neighborhoods, parks and streets. The town where Selina Cuenca is located, next to the Tomebamba river, is the perfect center to offer its guests the opportunity to enjoy the culture of Cuenca at its best. Selina Cuenca, which began its activities last November, is known for being the home of bohemian nomads, travelers eager for fun and new experiences. For this reason, has adapted its facilities to receive them in the best way this holiday, preparing an agenda of activities that does not compare with any.

 Foto de 4 destinations in Ecuador to receive the New Year

The New Year's Eve Party that has been prepared is a meeting of diverse artists and travelers staying in Selina. The atmosphere that promises will be loaded with pure fun. The party will be extended in the three floors of the hotel: in the first one, it will have the presentation of DJs that will light the end of the year atmosphere; in the second, it will be an electronic party in the old cellar under the stairs; and in the third, overlooking the ravine and the city, it will be a party with a chill area and open bar. Definitely, this great party will make your guests say goodbye to the year in an unrepeatable way.

Why visit Selina Montañita?

Selina Montañita has managed to become a space where guests can connect music, sea and party in one place. Montañita is known for being a destination where several nationalities converge, who live to entertain their tourists in a unique surf and festive atmosphere. This is what makes Montañita special: the adventure of surfing in challenging waves and similar activities such as diving, fishing, whale watching, hiking, etc. All this has been considered for the agenda of activities that Selina Montañita has prepared for this holiday.

 Foto 4 destinations in Ecuador to receive the New Year

The activities begin from December 28 and extend until the first of January of the new year. These include free surf lessons, live music nights, open bar, DJ show, pyrotechnic games show, pool games, crazy hours, etc. Activities designed for travelers looking for a vacation full of fun, sand and sun.

Why visit Selina Baños?

The Gateway to the Amazon contains relaxation and extreme adventure at the same time, therefore, it is a very special tourist destination for travelers. Both hot springs next to the Tungurahua volcano and extreme sports in the waterfalls, rivers and forests are activities that no traveler can stop doing when visiting this destination of the Ecuadorian highlands. Selina Baños wants this holiday to feel the vibrancy that beats in every corner of this city, so she has prepared a series of activities to welcome Christmas and the new year.

 Foto del 4 destinations in Ecuador to receive the New Year

Hotel Selina knows what a traveler really needs: fun and a unique atmosphere to celebrate these special holidays. Each one of the destinations where Selina is located will ensure that travelers enter the heart and essence of each of the cities, and that they live an unforgettable holiday with family, friends and the people who are part of it. of this hotel chain.