The Basilica of Banos de Agua Santa is located in the main square of the city, built at the end of 1944, is a symbol of FAITH and DEVOTION for the city's residents and national and foreign tourists who visit this church in search of peace Spiritual, of some favor of the virgin or simply of devotion.

Iglesia de la Basilcia de Baños de Agua Santa

The Basilica is surrounded by beautiful mountains, waterfalls and especially sheltered under Tungurahua volcano, its construction took approximately 40 years, beginning its construction in 1904 by the Brother Thomas Halflants parish priest of Baños de Agua Santa and its total completion was in 1944 by The Brother Sebastian Acosta.

In the interior of the Basilica are murals that refer to the miracles that are attributed to the Virgin of Holy Water. Historical data indicate that the construction of the Basilica is due to the fact that a sacristan saw that the image of the Virgin Mary left the hut in which was used Church at the time, the same that was accompanied by two angels. The residents of the city, together with the parish priest, asked the virgin to manifest their will.

Virgen del Rosario de Baños de Agua Santa

On the following night, the priest was able to receive the apparition of the Virgin herself, who declared that her will was to build a temple at the foot of the chorrera, assuring that she would heal the sick who bathe in their waters and through faith they would see Freed from their diseases.

This church has served as a refuge when the Tungurahua volcano has erupted in multiple occasions, surprisingly those who have remained in the interior have left ilésas.

In October, year after year, celebrations are held in honor of the Virgen de Agua Santa.
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