Pastaza, entrance to Yasuní, offers a varied and select variety of dishes and gastronomic products to delight your palate.

In restaurants of the city of Puyo and the surroundings within the Province of Pastaza, you will be able to taste:

Chontacuros: worms about 6cm in length, the mimes that are extracted from the plant of Chonta, these worms are known to have healing properties for the stomach and the lungs, their taste is unique and delicious. You can taste: fried, cooked, maito, skewer or if you are risky raw.

Tilapia: fish known throughout the Amazon region and cultivated by the people of Pastaza, easy to grow and taste delicious, can be eaten in maito, (MAITO: wraps the tilapia in leaves of evijao, usually 3- 5 leaves, and tie the ends of the wrap and then put it in the charcoal and after 10-15 minutes will be cooked, not only seasoning salt and palmito if you want.) You can also taste this fried fish, Stewed, or sweaty.

Chicha de Yuca: this anesthesial drink is consumed by the native inhabitants of indigenous communities that exist in all the Province of Pastaza. It is made from cassava, and can quench thirst and hunger too.

Cane juice: prepared with sugar cane cultivated in the province, sweet and refreshing.

Tea of Guayusa: Bebdia consumed ansestralmente with curative and energizntes properties consumed in ceremonies and at all times by the natives of the zone.

As you can see Pastaza offers a varied cultural and ansestral gastronomic offer that will delight your palate.



Adventure Sports in Pastaza

Live the adrenaline to the maximum


Throughout the Province of Pastaza you can enjoy more of the landscape full of flora and fauna unique in the world, adventure sports and fun:

Rafting: category III, IV and IV + in the Pastaza River.

Tubbing: on the Puyo River.

Kayak: on the Puyo River.

Mountain biking: in different circuits throughout the Province of Pastaza.

Trekking: in different circuits throughout the Province of Pastaza.

And if you are adventurous you can do varied activities with your friends and family.