Baños de Agua Santa is waiting for you to enjoy your vacations, in Baños you can enjoy Canyoning, Canopy, Paragliding, take a tour of the Route of the Waterfalls, travel in Chiva and various activities that will make your vacation unforgettable.

To get from the city of Guayaquil to Baños de Agua Santa, you can go to the land terminal of the city of Guayaquil from where interprovincial buses leave for the city of Baños de Agua Santa, which have frequent routes to the city of Baños de Agua Santa or passing through the city.

Special care should be taken when traveling at night.

If you are in your own car you can travel along the route:

Route 1: Guayaquil - Bucay - Pallatanga - Riobamba - Ambato - Baños de Agua Santa
Route 2: Guayaquil - Bucay - Pallatanga - Riobamba - Baños de Agua Santa
Remember to respect speed limits to avoid accidents, in addition if you choose Route 1, remember that in the city of Ambato there are Photo Radars where the established limit is 50hm / h, if you exceed this speed limit you can be entitled to a fine Of 1 unified basic salary, so we ask you to slow down when you enter the city of Ambato.



When traveling by bus through Ecuador you must be careful with your valuables, your suitcase or backpack, please ask the driver or the driver to store your luggage in the places established inside the bus and ask for a ticket of your luggage This way you will be able to travel in a quiet way, because if you carry your luggage between your legs while descending you can suffer a robbery.

Be wary of your belongings, purses, luggage and other valuables you carry with you. In the city of Baños de Agua Santa there are banks, automatic tellers where you can withdraw your money, and in most tourist establishments credit cards are accepted.

With these indications we hope you have a happy trip and above all insurance.