Montañita has been a "Surf City" since the end of October thanks to the efforts of each of its citizens with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, which is working on a campaign to strengthen the new face of this city to the world.

This was stated by the World Cities Surf Network (WCSN), an entity created in Europe that includes cities with an important activity linked to surfing, as well as tourist and cultural attractions, which seek to develop the surf industry in their respective territories.

Montañita, becomes the city number 11 to form this association worldwide and the 3rd in South America, (Chile and Brazil also make up the group).

This community of Santa Elena was considered taking into account the following:

  • Location: Coastal commune, with world-class point break, beach breaks in the locality and many point breaks and beach breaks in its surroundings
  • Manufacture and design of surfboards: Manufacture of surfboard in the city, production and people who work on this. Example: Cesar Moreira (Rasty) Balsa Boards Shaper, Torka Surfboards.
  • Surfing tourism in the locality: surfers national and foreign tourists visit the town and spend the night, consume the different services that are offered, food and beverage companies and accommodations are the most favored.
  • Surf schools: The Association of Surfing Schools of Montañita is currently incorporated with legal personality, which associates more than 14 surf schools that offer this service.
  • Surfing Championships in the city: World Masters Surf ISA, of the circuit ALAS (Latin American) there is a valid date that is developed in Montañita; Of the National Surfing Circuit, multiple local championships, etc.
  • Surfing media in the city: photographers and videos Example: Enrique Rodríguez (prominent photographer) John London (outstanding local photographer)
  • Surfers icons: Dominic Barona currently struggling to enter the top 35 women in the world, two-time champion Latin American, Bolivarian champion; Israel Barona, Roberto Rodríguez, Surfer who currently resides in California more than 4 months of the year surfing by its sponsors; The Sangachi brothers (big wave surfers) that have already made themselves known in Mexico in one of the most known and dangerous tubular waves of the world.
  • The WSCN aims to promote the consolidation and creation of new local companies linked to surfing; Improve collaboratively the definition and implementation of local strategies for the development of the surfing sector; Improve the positioning of cities joined to the network as a surf tourism destination, contributing to the concept of "surf tourism linked to the enjoyment of the city"

With this achievement Montañita is shown in a different way to the world, a city whose tourist development is increasing, working hard on security and empathy issues to achieve an optimal quality for national and foreign visitors.

Source: Ministry of Tourism