Official launch of the Cocoa Ancestral Route

Place: Amazon Island Park, Tena, Napo, Ecuador
Organized by: Ecuadorian Cooperation Fund for Development.
Suitable for all ages.

The Ancestral Route of Cocoa arises from the synergy between several actors, public and private, of the province of Napo, Ecuador. In an almost magical encounter, associations of cocoa producers, rural and urban tourism enterprises, cooperative entities, local governments and Central Government entities sat at the dialogue table and were part of the "minga" which builds this proposal, which is everyone's.

The formation of the Ancestral Route of the Cocoa is based on the union of wills whose objective is to promote a model of development of the territory in this part of the Amazon, in which a representative group of the institutions that act in Napo, that relate to the cacao and tourism, has shared visions, strategies and, above all, commitments.

The lower part of Napo is not characterized by producing a large volume of cocoa and has not been a tourist power of the country until now, but it is a geographical space in which unique ancestral, cultural, natural, social and human aspects converge, which make it the best possible place for this initiative.

To celebrate World Tourism Day, three commemorative events will be held, jointly organized by Community Tourism Centers, cocoa and chocolate organizations, private tourist enterprises, Napo Governorate, Napo Provincial Government, Municipal governments, Ministry of Tourism Ecuador, Maquita Foundation, German-GIZ Technical Cooperation, ENGIM, Napo Sumaco Geopark, IKIAM, UNESCO, FECD, IDB-FOMIN, among others.

Join us to enjoy these three days in which you can feel part of the wonderful Amazon:

Wednesday 27 September 2017: World Tourism Day commemorative event. There will be presentations on "Sustainable tourism as a tool of development" and practical experiences will be shared in the province of Napo-Ecuador, through the facilitation of the Ministry of Tourism, Napo Governance, Maquita Foundation, FECD, Napo Sumaco Geopark , GIZ.

Thursday 28th September 2017: Tour of the Ancestral Route of the Cocoa; press and fam trip with national media, tour operators and travel agencies.

Friday 29th September2017 : Formal launch event of the Ancestral Cocoa Route; exhibitions of tourist and agricultural products and services; artistic-cultural events; gastronomy of the "kichwa chakra"; promotion of computer tools (web, App), technical documents; photography, among others.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience this experience full of colors, flavors, nature and culture!