The Napo Provoncia has hundreds of tourist places to visit, knowing all the places and tourist attractions of the province will take weeks, but you will never forget how beautiful it is to spend a few days with nature.

Napo is a peaceful property, if you were looking for a tourist place that is comfortable and peaceful, who we do Guide Ecuador we recommend that you visit and know the city of Napo a paradise of Ecuador.

Among the tourist attractions that you can visit with your family or friends is the Caverns Jumandy, Misahualli, Ahuano, Pano, Alto Tena, Islands of Love, Sogas, Cotundo, Archidona, Terere, Blue Lagoon, Yany Lagoon, Cavenas temple Ceremony and many more.

Misahualli Tourism

It is a welcoming place for all domestic and foreign tourists.

At present Misahualli is one of the tourist attractions preferred by all the tourists.

 Canoa en Misahualli

Misahualli is the ideal place to practice adventure tourism, you will have the opportunity to rent a canoe, and thus go to the river Napo and know the beauty of nature.

 Monos en Misahualli

How to get there: Just ten minutes from Tena, on the road to Puyo, is Puerto Napo. From there you should turn left where a sign marks the way to Puerto Misahualli.

 Turismo en Misahualli

What To Bring: Light clothing, swimsuit, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap to protect the sun, sandals to get in and out of the rivers.

Ancestral culture in Napo

In the province throughout the territory, the ancestry and culture of their ancestors are maintained, and they share the visitors who show their pride in carrying the indigenous sandal of their ancestors.

 Cultura Ancestral en Napo

Ahuano Tourism

You can not miss the Parish of Ahuano the favorite place of foreign tourists.

 Turismo en Ahuano

The Parish of Ahuano has many tourist places, such as its river, its attractive town, its traditions, culture in general, the Parish of Ahuano is located 35 minutes from the city of Tena, is the perfect place to meet nature.

Among its tourist attractions is the Blanco River, Runa Wasi, Sacha Samai Museum, La Selva, Amarum Pachha Waterfall, Pavas Island, Amazonian Animal Rescue Center and White Caiman Estuary.

Archidona Tourism

Archidona has some beautiful places to enjoy and share with family.

 Turismo en Archidona

You can see culture, ancestry, typical gastronomy, wild animals, waterfalls, lagoons and much more.

Zoo El Arca

Zoológico El Arca

 It is located in Km 6 via Archidona - Quito, is a family project that was born in 2005, its main objective is the conservation of wildlife, the flora that covers the zoo and the rescue of animals in danger of extinction or Being abused.

 Zoo el Arca

With more than 5 hectares of land, it houses approximately 250 animals divided into 48 species, each species has the appropriate care by its owners in both food and cleaning, as they have their own farm where they grow food for each one of them. the species.

 Zoo El Arca

Yana Yaku Waterfall and Caverns

Yanayacu, a privileged place to have more than 8 waterfalls in a 3 km route of the Inchillaqui river, there are also caverns and perfect places to take pictures.

 Cascadas Yanayaku

Come and enjoy many more attractions where you will find more of a reason to return perhaps searching for reasons to describe we find the majesty of its landscapes, however, we can not avoid showing the innate beauty of the Ecuadorian Amazon waterfalls waterfalls sources of life Every corner with the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Food court in Archidona, Asoniation Chontakuru Wasi

You can find the typical food of the province of Napo in the pario of meals of the Association of women Chontakuru Wasi of the canton Archidona.

As for example a typical dish is the maito of fish, Doodle Yuyo (species of fern): It is cooked and it is served like salads, tilapia cornitos, chontakuros, carachamas and more.


Here a list of dishes and their respective prices that you can enjoy in this place:


  • Maito de Tilapia
  • Maito de Gallina Creole
  • Fried Tilapia
  • Tilapia to Juice
  • Tilapia Broth
  • Tilapia fillet
  • Tilapia to the Breasts
  • Maitos and Special Broths by Season (Carachama, Bocachico, Jandia, Bagre)
  • Maito y Pincho de Chontakuru
  • Rice with Chontakuru
  • Creole Chicken Broth
  • Dry Chicken Creole
  • Fried chicken
  • Vegetarian dish
  • Amazonian Relic
  • Sheep's Hens
  • Amazon Breakfast

Gastronomía Típica Amazónica


  • Rice
  • Petacones
  • Fried yucca
  • Salad



  • Guayusa
  • Chicha de Chonta
  • Chicha de Yuca
  • Lemonade
  • Waters
  • Personal Colas
  • Personal Coke

Guía Ecuador

On behalf of those who make Ecuador Guide we hope you enjoy the magic adventure Napo has prepared for you ..!