Babahoyo - Ecuador

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Babahoyo City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


The capital of the Province of Los Ríos is surrounded by the San Pablo and Caracol rivers, which in turn form the Babahoyo that later flows into the Guayas. One of the most interesting walks made by visitors is to navigate the waters of the Babahoyo, in order to observe the beauty of the region. On the banks of the river, there are floating houses that attract the attention of visitors. On the right margin is the House of Olmedo where the writer wrote the verses of the famous Canto a Bolívar. Other attractions of the city are the park May 24 surrounded by beautiful gardens and the facade of the cathedral that has a large mural of the Virgin Mary made in mosaics.


Among the variety of flora are tagua, royal palm, laurel, ceibo, geranium oregano, rosemary, basil, jigua, matapalo, rubber, cotton, ferns and water vine. Fruit trees: You can see fruit trees such as mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit and breadfruit.


In the surroundings of the hill live reptiles, bats, insects, lair of tigrillos, thus becoming a fantastic adventure. You can enjoy the most beautiful landscape and practice adventure tourism knowing a variety of species, hawks, herons and others.

Economic development in Babahoyo

The city of Babahoyo has the best commercial link of the province due to the high scale agriculture and its high quality crops. The population in its great majority is dedicated to the culture, mainly of rice, banana and cocoa. Some of its inhabitants are engaged in goldsmithing, making baluster, hammocks, cast nets, cloths, harpoons and other items necessary for fishing like canoes.

Tourist attractions in Babahoyo

Rodeo Montuvio
House of Olmedo
Cerro Cacharí
Beaches of Salto
Babahoyo River
Church the Cathedral
Sports and Recreation Park
Malecón 9 de Octubre
Linear park
Archaeological Site "La Tola"

Gastronomy in Babahoyo

Sancocho de bocachico: It is one of the most desired dishes of the Babahoyo Canton, it is prepared with banana, yucca and bocachico. It is accompanied with white rice and patacones.

Fish bun: Prepared with grated banana, rehashed onion, garlic and pepper, liquefied peanuts, fish broth, fish cut into medallions or cubes, wrapped in banana leaves.

Ceviches: Prepared with shell, fish, shrimp, lemon juice, sour orange juice, mustard, tomato sauce, coriander, pepper and paiteña onion. It is accompanied with popcorn, chifles or patacones.

Fish casserole: or peanut cake is a dish made with banana, peanuts and some type of fish.

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