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Catamayo City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


It is a canton that is located in the province of Loja, Ecuador. It is characterized by wonderful natural landscapes in which exuberant flora and fauna stand out. It possesses the most fertile valleys, of inexhaustible agricultural abundance of the Region, the same ones that are bathed by two rivers, Boquerón and Guayabal.

It has innumerable attractions both natural and tourist and cultural etc. Its climate is delicious with a summer dye what makes this city one of the ideal destinations for those who seek to enjoy a vacation in a pleasant environment surrounded by splendid valleys and natural landscapes.

Economic Development of the Catamayo Canton

Catamayo is a fertile land full of green meadows where it is grown, any kind of agricultural products; Many of the inhabitants are dedicated only to these activities that are of great importance for the development of the Canton. The favorable climate that this region has is the decisive factor when it comes to cultivating the fields, there are short cycle procuts such as cassava, sugar cane, tomato, banana, corn, lemon, orange, plum, etc. This production supplies the local deanda and also part of the production is sold in the city of Loja.

Brick and tile factories

Catamayo lends itself to implement any type of work, so that in its lands there is quantity of clay with which tiles and bricks of various types and excellent quality are made, the same ones that supply the local and provincial demand, it is also a source of employment for many people since the product is in great demand due to the high quality of the raw material and the excellent work of which the people of Catamayo are directly involved; This type of activities are those that magnify a people and point towards sustainable growth and development.

Festivities in the Canton Catamayo

Carnival in the Canton Catamayo

The carnival is a long-awaited date especially for young people who enjoy doing different activities such as parades comparsas where all schools, institutions and companies in Catamayo representing the most important typical costumes of the Canton participate in other activities is the choice of Miss carnival in the same way the representatives of these institutions participate in the walk in chiva where they take all the people who want to know the different tourist places that the Canton has.

Cantonization party in the Canton Catamayo

The festivities throughout the province of Loja, both civic and religious, are celebrated in a framework of respect and excitement, an indispensable component of the cultural manifestations of each region, which marks the difference between one city and another. These traditions range from the formal to the civic-military parades, conferences alluding to the date, tributes to outstanding personalities, election of queens, solemn sessions in which the different authorities participate, etc.

Festivities in honor of the Virgin of El Cisne in the Canton Catamayo

This traditional festival has been celebrated for a long time, the same one that attracts thousands of believers of the Sacred Image, the same ones who visit Catamayo at this time and come loaded with faith and with the hopes placed in "La Churonita". It is celebrated on August 18 in honor of the Virgin of El Cisne, whose festival is characterized by the visit of the sacred image to the city, in its pilgrimage to Loja. In this season Catamayo dresses up and receives many devotees from different corners of the country who come together to make the trek from here to the Provincial Headquarters along with "La Churona", as it is commonly known to the Virgin.

Tourist Places of the Catamayo Canton

El Guayabal: it is one of the most visited places by tourists because of its great welcoming environment and its great landscape that tourists enjoy the
The Boquerón River: it is very popular with local and provincial tourists because they can immerse themselves in its warm water, enjoy fishing and at the same time on the banks of the river, make bonfires and enjoy with the family

La Cueva Chiriguana: currently it is very visited by tourists but we must be careful because it is inhabited by bats, it is called the cave of the devil since its legend tells that people came by economic necessity and sold their soul to the devil in change of gold bags

Mirador la Cruz: it is one of the most visited places because thanks to its viewpoint we can see the center of Catamayo and it is a place that has recreational games for children and a large place to spend with family or friends; also from this place you can see the whole valley of Catamayo. This place is very popular especially at night because it has a fabulous play of lights that highlight the great infrastructure of the cross.

The chorrera of water: Site that is in the Catamayo canton is located in the parish of Zambi the chorrera is place that many people do not know but it is a beautiful place it is a natural formation of pure and crystalline water that falls in the form of a chorrera.

Piedra Iguana: This archaeological stone is located Via Catamayo River is a natural formation that has the shape of the head of an iguana is a place where you can breathe fresh air and appropriate to take photographs.

Chichaca Tunnel: It is an Inca creation a tunnel that was created for communication between several peoples this attractive place has a great wealth of legendary beliefs that is a dark place is a tourist place since you can witness it exactly as it is and how it was formed.

The Intake: It is a tourist place of interest within the area, due to the purity of its waters and the belief of a medicinal function of these. Also noteworthy is the location within the Bocatoma area of ​​a water jet, which attracts the attention of many tourists year after year, also for its relaxing and medicinal functions. It is located in the La Era neighborhood, within the El Tambo parish and within the area of ​​Catamayo canton.

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