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El Chaco City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit

El Chaco

Canton El Chaco. It is a canton of the Province of Napo, Ecuador. Its cantonal head is the city of El Chaco.

In the Chaco you can carry out important activities such as: rafting on the Quijos River, kayaking in very quiet areas of water or swimming pools, enjoy a refreshing swim in the white waters of the rivers Quijos, Oyacachi, Sardinas; Perform rappelling or descent in rope in the sector overlooking the Quijos River, horseback riding, bike rides. In the city of El Chaco, very close you can take a tour to observe the processing of rich cheeses with Swiss technology, the cultivation of edible tropical mushrooms, the raising of guinea pigs, the mountains and their impressive geography.

If you dare to know any of its communities, it is approximately 20 to 45 minutes from the city to the parishes: Sardinas, Gonzalo Días de Pineda, Linares, Santa Rosa, where you can see: clean rivers, organic farms, crops fish, milk farms, naranjilla crops, sugarcane, among others.

Climate of the Chaco

It has a temperate climate with an average temperature of 16.5ºC. Two seasons predominate: winter from November to February and summer from March to October. It is characterized for being humid, with precipitations that go from the 1200 mm until 3000 mm, with temperatures that go from low zero in the region of the páramo rainy that is located on the 3800 msnm.

Flora of the Chaco

You can see the exuberance of the forests, around the waterfall we find primary and secondary vegetation. The species of flora that can be found in this place are sacha motilon, tacuta, alder, ahuano, guarango de tierra, guarumo, yellow, cedar, walnut, cinnamon, chontaduro, olive, and yagual, among many other species.

Fauna of the Chaco

While walking the path to the very site of the waterfall you can see the great variety of butterflies, birds, the cock of the rock that is a red bird with black with a very striking pompadour, among other species of animals. In the surroundings there are porcupine, chichico, xis, boa, spectacled bear, deer, cervicabra, monomachin, cougar and other animals.

Places to visit in El Chaco

San Rafael Waterfall

The waterfall of San Rafael is located right on the border of Napo with Sucumbíos, es, where the flow of the Quijos gives two breathtaking jumps. The force of the waterfall is heard fifteen minutes before observing it and is manifested by a sound that slowly takes strength and is felt in the body of the walkers. The show is complemented in sunny moments when a bright rainbow appears.

The impressive waterfall of San Rafael, 160 m high, has a double rapid fall, it has primary vegetation, a rather irregular geography is observed with mountains and small low-flow streams. The banks are rocky, water that descends with a rapid fall forming a large thick mist due to the mist.

It is a spectacular waterfall of the Quijos-Coca River that includes three minor waterfalls and a small rapid.

Rio Malo Waterfall

On the banks of the Malo River you can enjoy a primary vegetation of the forests, some rocky cliffs, see the white water of the river, some rocks of various colors, butterflies that pose on lagoons branches and the most impressive waterfall of such a white color that radiates, peace and tranquility. It is 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the Chaco, on the Malopureza River.

You can make descents in buoys from the waterfall to the river bridge, taking a refreshing swim, you can take a nap on a rock or walk in silence enjoying the sound of nature in this impressive site taking pictures of butterflies and landscape.

While walking the path to the very site of the waterfall you can see the great variety of butterflies, birds, the cock of the rock that is a red bird with black with a very striking pompadour.

Oyacachi hot springs

Oyacachi is a community of indigenous Quichuas who have ancestrally occupied a territory rich in biodiversity, located on the eastern flanks of the Andes.

The community of Oyacachi offers an image, infrastructure and quality tourist services, within a well-cared and healthy environment, where people meet and share with visitors their history, their culture and the efforts made to conserve nature.

Tourists come to Oyacachi, basically attracted by the hot springs and their visitation has a one-day modality. Even, many times visitors come to the community with their own food.

In addition, in this locality one can realize historical-cultural tourism understood as a modality of tourism that shows and explains the local indigenous community, its cultural manifestations, cultural, historical, archaeological sites, among others.

Reventador Volcano

It is one of the most active in the country, located in the lower area of ​​the Cayambe - Coca Reserve. The climb takes two days, as it is a remote area that is difficult to access but rich in wildlife. At its base is one of so many "cave of the tayos", so-called because there live blind nocturnal birds that are characterized by orientation based on echolocation. It has an interpretation trail of 6 kilometers in length.

The Reventador is one of the volcanoes with the highest frequency of activity in Ecuador and is found in the virgin jungles of the Amazon.

The last activity of the volcano was recorded in November 2004, it has been characterized by the emission of three different lava flows and moderate explosive activity the same that continues until now.

During the trip from Quito to El Reventador you can see attractive landscapes of páramos, pajonales, you can distinguish the Antisana volcano, the Papallacta Lagoon, rivers and countless tourist attractions to the final destination.

Gastronomy of El Chaco

Mushroom Ceviche: Prepared with mushrooms or boiled mushrooms, tomato sauce, lemon juice, cilantro, parsley, paiteña onion and garlic. It is accompanied with chifles and canguil.

Patacones: Two fritters are made, the first with pieces to soften them, and the second after crushing them and leaving them flat to give them a crispy consistency. The oil must be very hot so that they are in their point.

Leaf cheese: The leaf cheese owes its name to the achira leaf, the rest of the cheese in the leaf gives it a unique flavor

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