Flavio Alfaro - Ecuador

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Flavio Alfaro City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit

Flavio Alfaro

It is a relatively young canton, which preserves its traditions and dense tropical vegetation. Its mountains and streams give it a particular feature, and according to geologists and experts in hydrocarbon, the sector contains a great mineral wealth.

Flavio Alfaro has an area of ​​1,343.1 square kilometers, which is used in livestock and the production of coffee, cocoa, tagua, banana and a variety of tropical fruits, which reach the main markets in the dry season, while that a large part of that production is lost during the rainy season.

Tourism of Cantón Flavio Alfaro

In tourism this canton also has to offer, thanks to its nature there are many springs, springs and lagoons to know and visit, but because of its difficult access to be in rural areas tourists often overlook it, so Flavio Alfaro bet on the Adventure tourism making excursions for those who want to get out of the routine and live experiences in pure places full of greenery.

One of the most visited by adventurous tourists is the Balneario La Morena, located on the road to the canton El Carmen, and for those who like meditation and tranquility can visit La Cascada de Pacho 90 minutes by car from the cantonal head, and Quinones, starting point to go to Cascada La Lagartija 3 minutes by car from the main road.

You can also make short visits to small towns such as La Avispa, an aboriginal settlement, with samples of what our ancestors started.

In all these places you will not need a good typical food, where corn, vegetables, vegetables, red and white meats will always be present in your dishes, very much requested by those who visit and their inhabitants.

Flavio Alfaro is defined as unique, promoter of natural beauty, landscapes and unforgettable memories for those who decide to visit; it is like all the corners of Manabí, a place that contains an important part of the rich culture of Ecuador and its people.

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