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Papallacta City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


Papallacta Village in Ecuador Initially it was rural parish of the Quito canton of the province of Pichincha, but in 1920, when the province of Napo was created, it became part of it, to which it belonged until January 17, 1955, when it was cantonized Quijos became part of that new jurisdiction.

It is located at 3,156 m above sea level, on the slopes of the eastern mountain range, where they start from the forests of the Amazon basin located in eastern Ecuador. It is watered by the river of its same name, which forms a large lagoon there.

Papallacta Location Papallacta, belongs to the canton Quijos, Province of Napo, constitutes the entrance to the Ecuadorian Amazon from the Metropolitan District of Quito.

Some believe that Papallacta comes from "papa", a very cultivated tuber in the area and "llacta", which means land in Quichua. By lot, Papallacta would mean "Land of potatoes."

Another theory says that papa comes from taita, which means father in Spanish, 2 because in ancient times here supposedly lived a shaman well known for its healing powers, so they called him taita shaman, with time the term Taitallacta would be populizaría ( dad's land) and later Papallacta.

Tourism in Papallacta

Lake System Papallacta - This compound approximately 28 lagoons, formed by a set of large bodies of water of small surface that are being used.

Papallacta Lagoon - The water comes mainly from the snowmelt of the Cayambe, Sarahurco and many springs of the surrounding páramos.

Termas Papallacta - Papallacta Spa very attractive where the pools are on a plain surrounded by mountains, the paramos of the Virgin and Oyacachi are spread out there and it is possible to camp; Here is an extensive lacustrine system with streams and beautiful waterfalls.

Termas de Papallacta, located in the province of Napo, 67 km from the city of Quito, receives an average of 19 thousand visitors per month, who enjoy unique landscapes with the comfort of the services offered in this place, such as accommodation, spa, spa and promotional packages. A special recognition by the Ministry of tourism for providing a quality service.

Gastronomy in Papallacta

Savor some delicious trout raised by the owners of the restaurants, which will guarantee a fresh menu, excellent quality and a supreme taste.
If the trout is not to your liking there is no problem, in Papallacta you can choose from a wide variety of delicious Ecuadorian Creole dishes at a very affordable price for your pocket.

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