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Penipe City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


It is a canton of the Province of Chimborazo, Ecuador. Its cantonal head is the city of Penipe.

The name of Penipe according to the Philosophers comes from the colorado word: PI-NI-PI, that means the River of the Serpents. According to tradition, the Northeast of the Province of Chimborazo was inhabited by the Aboriginal Tribe of Pinipis, a territory that included the current parishes of Penipe, Bayushig, Matus, Altar, and Puela. On the territory of the Pinipis the Spanish seat was founded on October 4, 1563, baptized with the name of San Francisco del Monte del Cedral de Penipe and named as its Patron Saint. In 1845 it forms a civil part of the canton Guano and the parishes that formed the region in Penipe were initially: Puela, Ganshy or El Altar, Matus and Bayushig. On February 9, 1984 it rises to the category of canton, later becoming as parishes La Candelaria and Bilbao.

Economic development Cantón Penipe

The location of a large part of the ground on a slope that receives winds from the Pacific favored the development of orchards of apple, peach, avocado and other fruit trees. The population of the Penipe canton is occupied in: agriculture and cattle raising 50%, fruit growing 25% and poultry farming 13%, the rest of the population shares the domestic activities with multiple tasks such as weavings, handicrafts, industrial work, cheese making.

Tourist Attractions Cantón Penipe

One of the most important tourist attractions of this beautiful place is the snowy "El Altar", which is part of the eastern mountain range of the Andes. Its name derives from the shape of the snowy, whose silhouette resembles that of a Gothic altar in the shape of a "U". Laguna Amarilla, which has the coloration that gives it its name as a result of the minerals dissolved in its waters.

Other incredible tourist attractions that national and foreign tourists can access are: the Chorreras River, Cubillines, Puela, as well as the complex lake system.
Nearby attractions:

Snowy "El Altar"
Yellow lagoon
Tungurahua volcano
Waterfalls of the Chambo River (La chocolatera, Gorila and del amor)
Ghost eye (rock formation)

Gastronomy Cantón Penipe

Corn tortillas toasted in stone
Roasted cuy
Queen claudias
Sweet quince.

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