Pichincha Manabi - Ecuador

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Pichincha Manabi City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit

Pichincha Manabi

It is a canton of the Province of Manabi, Ecuador is bathed by the waters of the Daule River, whose margins is the dividing line of this Province of Guayas.

Its mountains and large rivers allow the practice of risky sports activities, and excursions. Much of its geography is bathed by the Daule Peripa reservoir, becoming the waterway for those who live in the area. One of its typical dishes is the bun. The largest bun in the world was produced, recorded in the Guinness Records book. Another dish in this area is the pork hornado. It has 120 communities quite dispersed among themselves, forcing rural people to make long journeys by land and river, to maintain contact with the parish and cantonal heads, where the main supply markets and collection centers of the canton are located. It is a canton settled in a garden with spring aromas, it is an island lulled by soft waves of the rivers and estuaries that surround it. Its current mayor is Mr. Nilo Alava who is in his second term.

Flora Cantón Pichincha - Manabí

In terms of flora in the sector there are species such as guava, pachaco, fig, fig, nguito, laurel, bamboo, raft, river guava, river plants such as water hyacinth and river lettuce, mango, bototillo, guarumo, among others.

Fauna Cantón Pichincha - Manabí

The fauna reserve of the area is comprised of fish, such as: boca chico, vieja and dama. Also in this sector you will find birds such as ducks, crows, white herons, cattle herons, fine black, and smaller species among others.

Hydrography Cantón Pichincha - Manabí

The most important river that bathes the canton is the Daule, there are also other rivers such as Mineral, Cañas, Solano, Carrizal, Come and Pay, Tachelillo, Calabozo, Conguillo, El Toro, Pescadillo, Ñause, Etc. A good part of their low areas is included in the dam Daule Peripa.

Tourism Cantón Pichincha - Manabí

The canton is a potentially ecological tourist destination, according to the cadastre of the Ministry of Tourism, Pichincha has 20 tourist destinations, of which 10 are natural, and 10 cultural. There are two ports formed in the reservoir, one is in Puerto Conguillo, and the other is Puerto Chorrillo, where visitors can enjoy navigation by barge, canoe and boats, and observe the islets formed after the construction of the Daule-Peripa dam , Flora and fauna. The Daule River is the most important reserve of fresh water in Ecuador, you can take walks in it. In July, the fiestas del Cristo del Consuelo attract thousands of people year after year.

Typical Food Canton Pichincha - Manabí

The typical dishes are the bun, the broth and dry of Creole chicken, the hornado of head of pig. In this canton, yucca starch is produced, which is the basis of local food.

In Puerto Conguillo you can also try the fried tilapia, which fish in the dam, is a dish that is considered typical, and it can be accompanied by a portion of rice, patacones, and salad. Tasting it in front of the immense water reserve is a very rewarding experience.

Dry chicken: It is prepared with chicken or chicken simmered in a sauce of beer, onion, pepper, tomato, herbs and seasonings. It is served with rice, fried plantains or fried plantains, avocado and salad.

Fish Viche: This delicious fish soup is typical of the Province of Manabí, it is a soup with a lot of consistency and the contrast of flavors is exquisite, it takes fish, yucca, ripe bananas, corn, peanuts, onion, garlic, coriander and others condiments
Borroque: Tasty drink based on chontilla, ripe and milk.

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