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Pomona City

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The exuberant and paradisiacal community of Pomona, located in the province of Pastaza, 20 minutes from Puyo, is one of the most biodiverse in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Rivers, streams, lakes and a variegated vegetation that hosts very heterogeneous wildlife are some of the characteristics of this parish that has been cataloged as 'the earthly paradise'. The most outstanding natural attraction of the place is the Hola Vida waterfall, an impressive waterfall of 25 meters, in which tourists do not miss the opportunity to take a refreshing bath and take photographs. In the last decade, community tourism has gained a privileged place in this town made up of 4 population centers, where, for years, its inhabitants have lived on agriculture, hunting and fishing. Enrique Vargas, native guide of Pomona, explains that the impulse to this activity is a commitment acquired both from authorities and from the inhabitants. "The tourism project is of great value not only for the parish but for all the Amazonian populations. Until a few years ago an approximate of only 20 people visited Pomona every weekend; but since we began to train, with the support of governmental institutions and the commitment of our people, the situation changed radically, "he says. La Libertad, El Porvenir, Indichuris and Parochial Headquarters of Pomona are the 4 sectors that make up the parish. There the landscapes are spectacular and suitable for observing birds, insects, reptiles and mammals. For this reason, documentaries of international television channels about life in the Amazon have been filmed on more than one occasion.

Natural Charms of Pomona

The Hola Vida waterfall in the last 10 years has earned a place in international tourist catalogs, for its beauty and undeniable value for flora and fauna. It is a natural ecological reserve that emphasizes the protection and conservation of the environment, but at the same time allows domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy its attractions, including ecological trails, navigable river and butterfly sanctuary. The chorrera is located in the middle of a huge protected rainforest, in which decades ago Quichua ethnic groups of the Amazonía lived. This is what Héctor Manobanda, ecologist and historian, explains.

"Cotococha is one of the best known indigenous communities of Pastaza. Even today you can observe the methods of hunting, fishing, agriculture and coexistence, indigenous people of this community that still retains the language that their ancestors left them: the ancestral Amazonian Quichua, "he said. This language bears some relation to the Quechua of the Sierra, although with some phonetic and grammatical differences.
Whoever visits Hola Vida can access this town of friendly people, and appreciate their animistic rites as well as their customs and crafts. Following the river Puyo a swarm of multicolored butterflies alert of the presence of orchids, epiphytes and bromeliads, among other plants, plant species that serve as a refuge and provide food to these and other insects. "The nectar and other sweet substances that are made in the flowers of these plants attract these tiny animals. In Pomona at least 10 new and exclusive species of lepidoptera have been discovered, which makes it a true animal sanctuary, "said Ismael Aldáz, a Tungurahua biologist.
In addition there you can see yellow parrots, Chiribiquete Esmeral (a species of hummingbird), Amazonian toucans and other birds. For this reason Pomona has become one of the favorites for biologists, bird lovers and photographers. "There is a proposal by several groups of biologists in the country, to declare Pomona and especially the reserve of Hello Life, in a Bird Sanctuary, which would imply greater efforts to conserve the place," said Mireya Olivares, biologist capital

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