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Portoviejo City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


It is a subnational Ecuadorian territorial entity, capital of the Province of Manabí, Ecuador. Its cantonal head is the city of Portoviejo.

Portoviejo considered as "The city of the royal tamarinds", is geographically located at 01 degrees, 3 minutes, and 8 seconds of south latitude, and 80 degrees, 27 minutes, and 2 seconds of west longitude. It limits to the north, with the cantons Rocafuerte, Sucre, Junín and Bolívar; to the south, with the Canton Santa Ana; to the west with the Montecristi Canton and the Pacific Ocean and to the east with the Pichincha and Santa Ana cantons. Being Portoviejo, one of the oldest cities on the Ecuadorian coast contains a lot of history, culture and traditions, but at the same time it is distinguished by its activity commercial and tourist, is so it has natural, cultural, tourism resources that are part of a Cultural Tourism, Rural and Sun and Beach. It has a lot of history, tradition and great archaeological potential. At the beginning of this century, a large number of archaeological pieces and remains of ancient cities were discovered, on top of Cerro de Hojas.

Weather Cantón Portoviejo

The climate is very variable, although generally warm, during the summer the climate is mild. Not so in the winter when the weather is very hot. The average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall varies between 500 and 1000 mm. The canton, like all of Ecuador, has two seasons: winter or rainy season, which includes a season from January to May approximately; and the summer or dry season that runs from June to December.

Flora Canton Portoviejo

It has exuberant vegetation such as: Epiphytes and climbers, guarumos, raft, red apple, mamey, guava, coconut and aguacatillo, among others.

Fauna Cantón Portoviejo

There is a variety of fauna such as: tigrillo, anteater, armadillo, howler monkey, guanta, cusumbo, squirrel, snake x, warty snake, chonta snake, smooth snake, snake kills horse, among others.

Economic development Canton Portoviejo

The main activity is agriculture, commerce and tourism. Cocoa, coffee, bananas, rice, cotton, fishery and mineral resources. Tourist has many attractions: beaches, monuments, tourist centers and shows, which are potential generators of tourism. Craft is also a popular manifestation of this land. In Picoazá, for example, hats and wooden furniture are still made; in Riochico the hammocks of thread are still being made and in the different homes there are still manual and culinary traditions, such as the making of embroidered tablecloths and the preparation of sweets and other recipes. The social events and way of dressing are different, according to the economic level of the families.

Important holidays Cantón Portoviejo

  • Portoviejo Foundation: March 12
  • Independence of Portoviejo: October 18. - is celebrated with the accomplishment of civic acts allusive to the date, the commemorative acts for the independence begin three days before the date, it is so that civic parades are made school and military, bands of town , verbenas where spaces and places of our ancestors are recreated; also from the second week of October fairs are held.
  • Festivities of the Virgen de la Merced: September 24
  • Festivities of San Pedro and San Pablo: June 24. - consists of a procession by boat with saints of San Pedro and San Pablo, as thanks to fishing and agriculture.

Typical food Cantón Portoviejo

Its cuisine is varied, its food is made from seafood, bananas, peanuts, others. It stands out as traditional food the dry and broth of Creole chicken, the viche of fish and seafood, buns, blood sausage, corviches, seafood tray and rice, breaded fish, the famous "Ceviche de Pinchagua" in Crucita, which is elaborated base of sardine, lemon, onion, pepper, salt and is accompanied with chifles or patacones, brown salt, curd, white serum, among other delicacies.

Fish Viche: This delicious fish soup is typical of the Province of Manabí, it is a soup with a lot of consistency and the contrast of flavors is exquisite, it takes fish, yucca, ripe bananas, corn, peanuts, onion, garlic, coriander and others condiments
Corviche: Prepared with banana stuffed with fish with a rehash of colored butter with onion, ground peanuts, cumin, pepper, salt and cilantro.

Bolones de verde: Made basically of roasted or fried banana crushed and stuffed with cheese or chicharron.

Tourism Canton Portoviejo

In Portoviejo, where you live with pure nature, we find the Mamey Ecological Park (very visited by athletes and children who play in its interiors) located next to the Portoviejo River. There is also the UTM park, formerly called Jardin Botánico, and later another of the busiest, such as El Parque Forestal. But one of the many parks that the Manabi capital has is Parque Central or also called Vicente Amador Flor, whose interiors are full of history, culture, politics, among others.

There is an enchanted place full of culture, history and is the Cerro Jaboncillo, where remains of handicrafts, debris or objects used by the ancestors as well as enjoying a view to the far from the city. In 2017 the park was remodeled The Rotunda and in 2018 the new Las Vegas park was inaugurated

Tourist Attractions Cantón Portoviejo

Portoviejo among its main attractions: Crucita Beach, El Encanto Lagoon in San Plácido, Reales Tamarindos Stadium, Catedral Metropolitana church

  • Independence Party of Portoviejo
  • Crucita
  • Enchanted Lagoon
  • Cerro de Hojas or Jaboncillo
  • Festivities of San Pedro and San Pablo
  • Mamey Ecological Park
  • La Loma
  • Reserve Area Botanical Garden
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Portoviejo

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