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Puerto Napo City

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Puerto Napo

The Puerto Napo parish is a rural parish in Ecuador, belonging to the Tena canton of the province of Napo.

Tourism in Puerto Napo - Tena

At present, 5% of the families of the parish of Puerto Napo are dedicated to tourism, the most prominent places are in the settlements of Yutsupinu, Secay, Capirona, Kuyaloma, Shigua Urku, Santa Rosa and Latas the latter with international recognition. Therefore tourism is an activity that is not yet exploited in its entirety, the inhabitants see in this activity, as of great potential, but that has not been articulated in an adequate manner, between the providers of services, communities and tourists. One of the main disadvantages is that the parish of Puerto Napo does not have tourism infrastructure.

The types of potential tourist activity of the parish are: community, ecotourism, recreational tourism and high-risk tourism (adventure).

Main Tourist Places in Puerto Napo - Tena

  • Waterfall of Yutsupinu Alto
  • Waterfall of Wachi Yaku
  • Cans Waterfall
  • Cavern of Cans
  • Tree of the Ceibo
  • Mirador el Ceibo
  • Cavern of Secay
  • RICANCIE-Capirona
  • Petroglyph S / N
  • Yachana Rumi Petroglyphs
  • Petroglyphs Curi Sindic
  • Shamanism
  • Kallamba
  • Anaconda caves
  • Cave without name
  • Petroglyph winaru purishca rumi
  • Grottos of the Virgin
  • Caverns of the Toglo

Clothing in Puerto Napo - Tena

Traditional clothing has practically disappeared due to the impact of cultural change, migration to urban centers and the arrival of fabrics of various colors and at a lower cost.

The Mauna Kuna women consisted of a long-sleeved blouse of varied checkered colors (photo 13) and the men wore blue tunic that covered from the neck to the heels, all this clothing was complemented by natural ornaments like necklaces of seeds , ribbon fabrics, paintings on the face with symbols of nature.

Typical Food and Beverages Puerto Napo - Tena

The highlights of the Kichwa gastronomy are; roasted mates

Smoked meats, broths, mazamorras, chuntakuru
Yuyo garabato, carachama, fish and heart of palm dishes.

Fish steamed in coals, which are served with yucca, salad and garabatoyuyo

Beetle worm, called "Mayones" that grow in the palms: chonta, morete, chamburo, palm of branches; also in the papaya tree; that usually lie on a tender moon.

The most common drinks, is the water of guayusa the same that is consumed by the dawns, chicha de yuca, chonta, corn, the chucula.

Among the special drinks we have the ayawaska that more than being medicinal serves to predict fate, see the future and combat the spells of other shamans

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