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Quevedo City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


It is a canton of the Province of Los Ríos, Ecuador. Its cantonal head is the city of Quevedo. It is projected into the future as one of the most important trade centers of the country.

Quevedo, a tourist city of Ecuador, Quevedo is located on the Ecuadorian coast, in the Province of Los Ríos. The city of Quevedo is constituted as one of the most important fluvial ports of the country. Quevedo has a deep artistic and cultural feeling.

In the streets you can observe different public demonstrations; to remember anecdotes of past life and legends with customs that are present even in current generations. Also in the surroundings of the city of Quevedo you can find several tourist sites, such as the Central Park, the Malecón and the terrestrial terminal that is built with a modern infrastructure.

Quevedo also invites domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the exquisite Quevedo cuisine, where you can find the immense variety of typical dishes of the area and international delights

Weather Cantón Quevedo

The region is characterized by a hot tropical monsoon climate, with a dry season between June and November. The average temperature ranges between 22º C and 33º C.

Flora Cantón Quevedo

As for the existing flora in the area, it is possible to observe the presence of wood species such as Pachaco

Fauna Cantón Quevedo

In this place live monkeys, poultry, foxes, iguanas, cusumbe, guanta, guatusa, chorongo called Pancho, sheep, crossed goats, waterfowl such as the crow duck, parrots, squirrels, weasels, among others.

Typical Food Cantón Quevedo

Liver steak: A unique and exquisite alternative to ordinary dishes born with liver steak. Accompanied by patacones and rice.

Fish buns: The lady, chame, catfish and bocachico, are part of the succulent filling of the rolls, green grated, refried and fish wrapped in banana leaves in pots to sew and taste the palate.

Bocachico stew: Freshwater fish gives the stew flavor. The grated seasonings, the green accompanied by rice and a spicy sauce in chilli.

Culture and traditions of the City of Río Cantón Quevedo

The festivities of September and October, are presented as a magnificent opportunity to show the best values ​​and cultural, historical, traditional elements of the canton. It is suggested to work in a significant event, of international connotation, such as the National and World Cacao Queen, incorporated and institutionalized to the events scheduled in each year.

El Rodeo Montubio: The rodeo montubio, is a party that takes place on October 12, date of the discovery of America. On the Day of the Breed the farmer exhibits his skills, and his customs in a party that is already traditional.

The rodeo show consists of a colorful party in which riders from the neighboring haciendas parade and compete, dressed in costumes that distinguish them and the essential straw hat.

In competitions men and women compete and the show begins with the parade of the riders and the choice of the "pretty criolla" among the ladies who represent the various haciendas

Then comes the exhibition of skills with the horses, the riding of wild horses that buck and crash while the rider tries not to be thrown to the ground. The luck of the bond is a demonstration of expertise and there are people who perform luck in various ways, even with blindfolded eyes.

Places to discover Cantón Quevedo

The modern Central Park, has architectural details that enhance the urban landscape harmonized with the green areas and a water source. There the concrete work is conjugated with the nature that is another characteristic of the corner.

  1. Bridge of Quevedo
  2. crystal Palace
  3. Malecón de Quevedo
  4. Quevedo Zoo
  5. Spas of the Quevedo River

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