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Riobamba City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


It is a canton of the Province of Chimborazo, Ecuador. Its cantonal head is the city of Riobamba.

The Canton Riobamba is located in the Sierra Central zone, south of the Capital of the Republic of Ecuador. In the coordinates at an altitude of 2754m.s.m. with an area of ​​2,900 hectares of urban area. The climate of the canton is temperate dry with variations towards the cold at night, the average annual temperature is 13.4ºC, it has an average rainfall of 200-500mm. A delight for tourists is undoubtedly the historic center of the city, its houses and buildings in neoclassical and eclectic style, the cathedral is the icon of Riobambeño Catholicism, while the history of the city is present in the art museum religious of the Mothers Concepts, one of the most important of South America, located in the streets First Constituent and Mirror, although its restoration is recent, it is noteworthy that in the mid-twentieth century, was one of the most important hotels in the city.

Today thanks to the efforts of the authorities, the city has one of the most important and important buildings of the historic center. During the course of the year there are important civic, religious and popular festivities, among which we can highlight, the party in honor to the Divine Child King of Kings, as well as the procession of Holy Tuesday with the image of the Lord of Good Success. The festivities of the month of April, make Riobamba a tourist city par excellence. On Wednesdays and Saturdays there are fairs, which are characterized by offering a variety of products and crafts. Our city is part of two of the most important natural icons, such as La Reserva Faunística and Sangay National Park. One of the most unforgettable experiences is the train trip, starting its journey at the railway station, which is currently undergoing reconstruction, and is undoubtedly an important part of our history.

How to get to Riobamba?

How to get to Riobamba from Quito?

In the Terminal Terrestre de Quitumbe or Carcelén you can take the following companies that travel directly to Riobamba: Andean, Condorazo, Chimborazo, Ecuador Executive, Homeland, Riobamba, Riobamba Expres, Trans Vencedores.
Approximate distance via land 189 km, travel time 4 hours.

How to get to Riobamba from Guayaquil

In the Terminal Terrestre de Guayaquil you can take the following companies that travel directly to Riobamba: Executive Ecuador, Riobamba, Chimborazo, Patria.
Approximate distance by land 233 km, travel time 5 hours.

How to get to Riobamba from Cuenca

In the Terrestrial Terminal of Cuenca you can take the following companies that travel directly to Riobamba: Homeland. Or those that pass through Riobamba such as Loja, Santa, Panamericana, Viajeros.
Approximate distance by land 257 km, travel time 5h 30 min.

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Clima Canton Riobamba

The climate of the canton is temperate dry with variations towards the cold at night, the average annual temperature is 13.4ºC, it has an average rainfall of 200-500mm.

Flora Canton Riobamba

As regards the best known plants are ferns, Azorella pads, gentians, chuquirahua, architect, lupine flower, achupallas, mosses and lichens.

Fauna Cantón Riobamba

The outstanding fauna is typical of the páramo, represented mainly by dwarf deer, llamas, vicuñas, deer, small rabbits, mice, marsupials, wolves of páramo, cervicabra, among others. In addition birds like: quindes, curiquinges, pig or common harrier and the king of the Andes the condor.

Economic development Canton Riobamba

The economy of Riobamba is based in part on agricultural production and large product fairs are held several days a week but mainly on Saturdays in the markets: La Merced, La Condamine, San Alfonso, Mayorista, Oriental, Santa Rosa , San Francisco, La Esperanza, Davalos. However, in the city there is also the presence of industries such as ceramics, cement, dairy, lumber, mills, construction, automotive parts, tourism, assembly of computers, manufacture of furnaces, roofs, pipes, among others.

Typical Foods Canton Riobamba

Hornado.- This is a dish that contains hornada pork with mote and lettuce in vinegary juice, potatoes baked with pork meat, avocado slices, and chili pepper. Or if you prefer to accompany with toasted, ripe and rice.

Ceviche de Chochos.- consists of a salad made with onion, tomato, salt, lemon, oil, cilantro, leather and crab. It can be accompanied with a portion of toasted.

Tortillas with Caucara.- its elaboration consists of crushing the potatoes as for puree only, which is more consistent for the dough, besides it is sancocha the meat with dressings and a little water for the filling, it is served accompanied with avocado and salad.

There are several, among the best known are the mistelas of flavors, others such as canelazo or (cinnamon), egg chicha, tiger's milk, the canary and others. Among the [[non-alcoholic drinks stand out the famous "rompenucas" that are juices with Chimborazo ice.

Empanadas de morocho.- are crispy and stuffed with meat, boiled egg, carrot and peas. They can be accompanied with various drinks such as: coffee, aromatic or aerated water.

Other meals.- Riobamba offers a great gastronomic variety for all tastes and palates. Among which we can mention: fritada, corn tortillas, yaguarlocro, llapingachos, cariuchos, bread, among others.

Museums in Riobamba

There is also a series of museums in which the museum of the city, the central bank museum, the Pedro Vicente Maldonado school museum, the museum of the conceptas mothers (of Religious Art of the Conception), among others stand out.

Religious Art Museum of the Conception in Riobamba

It is a museum of religious art and constitutes one of the historical, cultural and religious tradition jewels of the Ancient Riobamba. It presents a large number of sculptures, canvases, furniture, ornamental elements of the priesthood, fabrics of gold and silver, goldsmith objects of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The Custody of the City stood out, considered colonial religious patrimony of the country; that unfortunately, despite the great economic and cultural value that it had, was never taken into account by the authorities in terms of security and was stolen, on October 13, 2007, together with a minor custody, the scepter, the cloak and the crown of the Virgin of Sicalpa.

In February 2008, part of the custody in Colombia was recovered and is again on display in the museum.

Riobamba Museum and Cultural Center of the Central Bank in Riobamba

Conformed by an Archaeological Museum of the Central Sierra and a Colonial Art Room.

Museum "Paquita Jaramillo" in Riobamba

Located in the House of Culture, it contains more than 580 archaeological pieces that correspond to the cultures: Valdivia, Chorrera, Bahia, Guangala, Tuncahuán, Panzaleo, Manteña, Carchi, Jama-Coaque, Tolita and Puruhá.

"Cultural Fernando Daquilema" Museum in Riobamba

Located in the House of Culture, exhibits a new concept of museum, the living museum. EthnoCultural and representative of spaces and times.

Museum of the City of Riobamba

The museum is located in one of the most sober and beautiful urban-architectural complexes, of the purest Ecuadorian republican style, as is the case of Parque Maldonado and its immediate surroundings. It occupies one of the emblematic buildings, which testify to the splendor reached by the city in the twenties of the twentieth century.

Didactic Museum of Natural Sciences of the Pedro Vicente Maldonado School in Riobamba

Several ecological niches of the Andean landscape and archaeological remains of the cultures are exhibited: Tuncahuán, San Sebastián and Macají.

Cordoba Roman Historical Museum in Riobamba

It presented a private sample of artistic, archaeological objects, documents and possessions of the Córdoba Román family, from colonial times to the present. Currently his entire collection was donated to the Museum of the City.

Parks of Riobamba

Maldonado Park in Riobamba

The Plaza Mayor according to the custom of the time is the first drawn by the construction managers of the new city.

Sucre Park in Riobamba

Since 1919 a variety of works have been executed, this space was inaugurated on November 11, 1924

La Libertad Park in Riobamba

Located in front of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On the site was the old Conciliar Seminary; in 1895 it was destined for the barracks, being abandoned in 1902.

Guayaquil Park in Riobamba

Children's games make children enjoy the park, you can see zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures, murals that describe the habitat of the coastal, mountain, eastern and Galápagos regions.

Ecological Park in Riobamba

The Chibunga Linear Park or Ecological Park is a family meeting place, on the banks of the Chibunga River, it has a natural environment.

Ricpamba Park in Riobamba

The environmental theme park Ricpamba is a recreational center, which occupies the facilities of the former forest nursery of the Autonomous Decentralized Government

Park April 21 in Riobamba

This park recalls the historical fact of the Battle of Riobamba with a commemorative pyramid, the bust of General Juan Galo Lavalle and the historical mural worked by Eloy Narea.
Municipal Riobamba, is a family meeting alternative, a park that invites enjoyment, education and relaxation.

Places of Riobamba

Red Square in Riobamba

The stage: the so-called 'Red Square' of Riobamba, a place that they want to turn into a showcase for all the Quichua peoples of Ecuador.

Artisan Square Alfaro in Riobamba

The train station of Riobamba, has an artisanal Alfaro plaza consisting of 16 stands; in which products are made with a variety of raw materials.

Artisan Plaza Concepcion in Riobamba

Also known as "Red Square", here is the main mestizo - indigenous fair of the city of Riobamba.

Churches of Riobamba

San Antonio de Padua Church: In front of the 21 de Abril Park, a historic place that recalls the libertarian events of 1822.

Iglesia La Concepción: The small church that was built in the early nineteenth century, was replaced by a new project that began in 1889, with the Abbess of the Monastery, Mother Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament Ormaza and administrator of the property of the convent Mr. Rafael Cisneros. The plans were designed by Fr. José Lecanda S.J.

San Alfonso Church: A building that began its work n in 1872, the Temple of San Alfonso was made by a contribution of the riobambeños in the economic part and contributing materials that intervened in the work.

Cathedral of Riobamba: In its stones you can interpret passages of the old and new testament, with aboriginal and Spanish expressions.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: Unique in its style in the country. Following the consecration of the Republic to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the idea of ​​building a National Basilica was born on the initiative of Fr. Manuel José Proaño.

San Francisco Church: Temple whose exterior murals were made by Eloy Narea in 1961, in its main facade highlight two paintings of San Francisco.

Iglesia la Merced: Formed by two columns to the ectremos of the entrance, which unify a pediment at the highest point is the statue of the Virgin Mary Help of Christians; It has a carved wooden altar and paintings on the ceiling.

Tourist Places of Riobamba

Convent Museum of the Conception in Riobamba

In the Convent Museum of La Concepción, this building stands out for its neoclassical architecture. In this place there are temporary and permanent exhibitions where you can appreciate art, sculpture and photography.

Railway station in Riobamba

This wonderful project that begins in the presidency of Gabriel García Moreno and culminates in the presidency of Eloy Alfaro, a land transport of great importance for the development at a national level.

Train of Ice I in Riobamba

A route that has an unparalleled adventure starts from the beautiful city of Riobamba, allowing you to enjoy splendid landscapes provided by the snowy mountains such as Chimborazo Carihuayrazo, Tungurahua and El Altar; Sighting the Andean páramo complements the view of this beautiful trip.

Ultimo hielero del Chimborazo

Meet the legendary Baltazar Ushca is the last icemaker in the Chimborazo, it is a trade that he made from his 15 years of age, today he continues with that trade, and the block of extracted ice, is sold in Merced de la Merced.

Wildlife Production Reserve Chimborazo

The Wildlife Production Reserve of Chimborazo is part of the National System of Protected Areas of Ecuador, here are two contiguous snow-capped mountains, the Chimborazo at 6,263 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in the country; and the Carihuayrazo with 5,020 meters above sea level. Its attractions are:

Nevado Chimborazo: It is the highest mountain in Ecuador and the highest in the world measured from the center of the Earth; Its summit is the closest point to the sun and the furthest point to the center of the earth.

Machay Temple: Sacred cave located on the southern flank of the Whymper summit at a height of e4,700 masl; It was the place of worship and tribute of the Puruháes, to their god the Taita Chimborazo

Whymper needles: rock formation located at a height of 5,300 meters above sea level; in the thin southwest of the Veintimilla Summit. Ideal site for the acclimatization of climbers.

La Chorrera: Spectacular rock formation located in the vicinity of the snowy Chimborazo, its walls have a length of 1.4 km. and a height of up to 100 m .; It is one of the best places to practice rock climbing and rappel, has more than 100 routes equipped.

Polylepis Forest: It is located northeast of the Chimborazo Wildlife Production Reserve, at kilometer 29 of the count with 217 trees and the natural viewpoint of the reserve
Sangay National Park

Created in 1975 as Sangay Ecological Reserve. Later in 1979 categorized as Sangay National Park.

Community Tourism Riobamba

Community tourism in Riobamba connects visitors to the traditions and customs of the people and elevates the identity of the same

La Moya - Calpi Parish Located 22 km from Riobamba. Its inhabitants beliefs, legends and the relationship of man with mountains.


  1. "Mountain Museum Urkukunapak Ñan"
  2. accommodation
  3. Feeding
  4. Crafts room.
  5. Contacts: 0998752686

Royal Palace - Calpi Parish. The community "Palacio Real" is located economically of its inhabitants is based on the rearing and integral use of llamas and alpacas.


  1. restaurant
  2. "Cultural Museum of the Flame"
  3. Handicrafts
  4. Contacts: 03 262 0500 - 0997005944

Pucará Tambo - Cacha Parish. Site of interest and culture for the existence of ancestral architecture and community traditions; space dedicated to the performance of sacred ceremonies of the indigenous people.


  1. Lodging
  2. Feeding
  3. Ethnographic museum
  4. Center of ancestral ceremonies and trails
  5. Contact: 03 303 0501 - 09985758802

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