San Vicente - Ecuador

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San Vicente City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit

San Vicente

Canton San Vicente. It is the youngest canton of the Province of Manabí, Ecuador. It is surrounded by sea, hills, an estuary, enterprising, hardworking and friendly people. Canoa is one of the favorite places of tourists.

San Vicente is a canton surrounded by the sea, hills, an estuary, enterprising, hardworking and friendly people. The accessibility here is by multiple routes: air, land and sea given the privilege of its geographical location. The San Vicente canton strategically located on the E-15 route of the Pacific, constituted in an important point of international, national and provincial tourist destination, counts several tourist places of sun and beach, field, bird watching and panoramic view from the different viewpoints. It has more than 40 km. of beach, main tourist attraction for the tranquility of its waters and the fun options offered to its visitors. Water sports, adventure, extreme and recreation such as horseback riding are practiced.

During the nights, especially in the Canoe parish, true outdoor parties are lived, attractive for those who visit the place. Its infrastructure is built with rustic materials typical of the area. Its cuisine is based, especially, on seafood. One of the typical dishes is the "Interoceanic Ceviche".

Relief Canton San Vicente

The territory is very rugged, the coastal area of ​​the canton is located opposite the limit of convergence of the Nazca plate and the South American plate, for which it is subject to a compressive tectonic regime. The tectonism that contributes to form the relief, generates valleys in which alluvial deposits with terraces (such as that corresponding to the Agua Amarga estuary), floodplains and hills with steep slopes, whose heights vary from 0 to 275 meters, accumulate.

Climate San Vicente Canton

The climate of the canton is tropical, megatérmico, dry and is characterized by the presence of a very marked dry season. It is presented according to the annual seasons, hot and cool winter, with an average annual temperature of 25.9 degrees Celsius; the maximum average is 28.3 ° C and the minimum average is 24.3 ° C; The annual average rainfall is 443 millimeters. The annual average relative humidity is 79.6%, with an average maximum of 90% and a minimum average of 76.3%. Hydrographic phenomena present in the San Vicente sector are manifested by the presence of abundant volumes of groundwater, which appear at practically superficial levels.

Flora Canton San Vicente

In the canton we find a wide variety of fruit trees, timber, medicinal such as palo santo, guayacanes, laurels, cactus, ceibos, tunas, muyuyal, grasslands and shrubs of various varieties that appear much more in times of rain. Its surface is dedicated to the cultivation of pastures used in the breeding of cattle, pigs and horses.

Fauna Canton San Vicente

San Vicente being a coastal canton and being a spa is rich in marine fauna with a wide variety of seafood such as shrimp, oysters, shell, fish, catfish, tambolero, lisas, eels, pichaguas, picudo, corvinas, sharks, ray, turtles , crabs, saw, etc. This in the part that limits with the sea, in the mountainous part we find deers, guantas, cuchuchos, foxes, snakes, etc.

Economic development San Vicente Canton

Its economy is based largely on agricultural production, also produce throughout the year a variety of vegetables, banana, fruit and recently red pepper as an alternative crop which will be in production about 200 ha. There are also seasonal crops of corn, cassava, passion fruit, cotton, cocoa, papaya, peanuts, etc., also from its fields is extracted fine woods such as guayacán, laurel and balsam. Another activity that strengthens the economic sector is livestock. San Vicente is a bastion of dual purpose cattle breeding. Dairy production is used to make cheese, recognized for its quality and the meat is sold in San Vicente, supplying other markets in the region. The artisanal fishing has been ancestrally an activity developed by the inhabitants of San Vicente, the resources in marine species are very varied, it is so that the culture of shrimp has occupied an outstanding place in the generation of resources for the canton and the country through of the export.

Typical Food San Vicente Canton

Crab Viche: It is a cream based on peanuts, grains, vegetables and a long list of ingredients. In San Vicente, the Viche is a traditional typical dish.
Rice with shell: The brown shell of the estuary of the Chone River is the main ingredient of a symbol dish of San Vicente.
Interoceanic Ceviche: It is made with around 14 seafood, which made the interoceanic ceviche of San Vicente earn a place in gastronomy.

Tourism Canton San Vicente

The sight of thousands of national and foreign tourists has motivated business people to install modern, comfortable and luxurious first class hotels, hostels, hotels and family-type cabins, located off its coasts, creating a pleasant environment for visitors.

Tourist Attractions San Vicente

  1. Los Caras Bridge San Vicente-Bahía
  2. Canoe
  3. Briseño Beach
  4. Cabo Past
  5. Punta Napo
  6. Los Perales
  7. Heart Island

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