Santa Elena - Ecuador

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Santa Elena City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit

Santa Elena

St. Helen. It is an Ecuadorian city, capital of the Province of Santa Elena. It is located in the western part of the Province of Santa Elena, on the edge of Santa Elena, which is the western end of continental Ecuador. This area is very dry, so it has salt pampas and rainfall is somewhat scarce.

Santa Elena a legendary region, known as Sumpa, which in the Chimú language means Punta. That is why there are so many derivations of Punta Blanca, Punta Centinela, Punta Barandua, among others there are vestiges of existing cultures from 10.00 years BC with the Las Vegas Cultures and 3,500 years BC with the Valdivia culture. It has a holiday infrastructure and a rich variety of archaeological, historical, natural, cultural attractions, extensive beaches and picturesque fishing villages. Most of the territory of Santa Elena is a rural area, constituted by precincts and communes such as: Atahualpa, Colonche, Chanduy, Manglar Alto, Simón Bolívar, where the most varied range of productive activities is developed. In this corner, Ecuador's first oil well was drilled in 1914 by Anglo Ecuatoriana, of English origin.

The rural population of Santa Elena is more populated than the urban one because most of the peninsulares live in the E15 corridor, better known as the route of the spondylus or route of the sun. In it you can see the well-known Montañita which is located 50 km from the Cathedral of Santa Elena. Ballenita which is 5 km from Santa Elena is the main resort of Santa Elena due to its short distance, while the resorts north of Ballenita are known as the rural towns of Santa Elena, but within the SEM (Santa Elena Metropolitano). Most of its inhabitants are dedicated to the fishery and it depends on tourism as well. Apart from Montañita, Olón and Manglarato are other well-known beaches within the Canton of Santa Elena.

Climate Cantón Santa Elena

The city has an arid or desert climate due to a branch of the Humboldt current passing through the peninsula. It has two seasons, dry between the months of June to November and the rainy season from December to May, although at present the rains have been delayed until February. Here the temperatures oscillate between 21 and 40 ° C.

Flora Canton Santa Elena

It has approximately 80 species of plants typical of the arid zones of the Ecuadorian coast such as: pechiche, ceibo, guayacán, cedar, palo maría, jigua, matapalo, nettle, among others.

Fauna Cantón Santa Elena

There are many of the emblematic coastal bird species of the country, such as: pikemen, pelicans, terns and petrels. The sea of ​​lace is an important refuge for 16 species of marine mammals, including two species of sea lions, seven species of whales (where the humpback whale stands out) and seven species of dolphins. There are also opossums, various types of lizards, iguanas, snakes and toads.

Economic development Canton Santa Elena

The trade is based on fishing and tourism. The peninsula has some fishing ports: Santa Rosa, San Pedro and Chanduy the most important centers of the area, economic potentials that were previously administered from the Province of Guayas.

Tourism Canton Santa Elena

Sumpa Lovers Museum
Olón beach
Baths of San Vicente
Parish of Manglaralto
Ayangue Beach
San Pablo Beach
Aquarium of Valdivia
Punta Blanca
Royal High Museum
City of Santa Elena
City of Salinas
Baths of San Vicente
City of Montañita
Sumpa Lovers Museum
Ayangue Spa
Aquarium of Valdivia
City of La Libertad
Parish of Manglaralto
Punta Carnero Beach

Cultures and traditions Cantón Santa Elena

Most Important Festivals: Cantonization, January 22; Day of Santa Elena Patron of the Canton, on August 18; Day of the angels, that is "the deceased little ones, on November 1.

Activities of the Holidays: Santa Elena dresses up in the first month of each year to celebrate the cantonization, announcing the arrival of the tourist season on our beautiful beaches. In the night different activities are developed as programs with international artists and more.

Typical Food Canton Santa Elena

Seafood casseroles.- Banana soup with spices and variety of seafood.

Shrimp with garlic. - It is an exquisite dish, comes with shrimp, rice and a delicious salad.

Fish Sancocho.- Fish, cassava and green broth.

Mistela.- a sweet fruit drink.

Shrimp Pie.- consists of a flour dough filled with shrimp sauce with spices, vegetables, and fried in oil.

Corn Custard .- is delicious texture and flavor that is made from corn, milk, egg and panela.

Other meals.- The cuisine of Santa Elena is generally based on seafood such as fish and seafood. Delicious ceviches of shrimp, shell, lobster, fish, octopus, squid, oyster, clam, mussels, etc., bowls of green stuffed with the seafood of your choice, corviches and many other delicious dishes such as dried goat, pate broth, dry chicken, plus rich sweets and drinks like coconut water and fruit smoothies.

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