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Sucre City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


It is a canton of the Province of Manabí in Ecuador. Its cantonal head is the city of Bahía de Caráquez. Mangroves and seabirds, beaches, heart island, forest, parks can be observed.

The canton of Sucre has as its cantonal head the city of Bahía de Caráquez, its name is due to the bay formed by the mouth of the Chone River and the first settlers that were the Caras. Bahía de Caráquez has a great tourist attraction and in front of it is San Vicente, crossing by boat, barge or by land and has the Los Perales airport. From north to south there are wide beaches, islands and islets, places that are preferred by tourists. The boardwalk with the most modern and functional buildings. Mangroves and seabirds can be observed. Río Niño is a good choice for ecological and adventure tourism.

Due to its geographical location, it offers several options for fun and relaxation for tourists. In front of Bahía de Caráquez, the “Estuary of the Chone River, where the“ Heart Island ”is located, is named for its shape. It is crossed in paddle canoes and through paths raised between the mangroves. Thanks to the passivity of the waters and the speed of the winds, several water sports, flight and walks in pangas are practiced on the estuary. Its cuisine is based on seafood

Relief Canton Sucre

The territory of the Sucre Canton is characterized by the montane-coastal aspect, with four units:

The waterfront, where there is an abrupt change of slope between the shoreline and the hills cut by the action of the sea.
The alluvial delta of the Chone river.
The mountainous system, which is made up of medium-height hills.
The valleys of the system, which are formed by the drains of streams and secondary flows that have sectioned the elevations, with descending inclinations towards the sea. The most important valley is that of Charapot, irrigated by the Portoviejo river. The mountains do not reach 500 meters high.

Climate Canton Sucre

The weather is spring throughout the year, its temperature fluctuates between 24 and 30 ° C.

Flora Canton Sucre

Among the vegetation that surrounds the river Chone estuary we have: Salty, red mangroves, creepers, carob trees, among others. On the hills there are ceibos, muyuyo, monte sallado or realito.

Fauna Canton Sucre

Pelicans, frigates, seagulls, white ibis, guacos, kingfishers, chickens, crabs, bufeo, white heron, duck, crow, among others. In the mangrove inhabit many shellfish, molluscs and microorganisms: crabs, shrimp, shells, among other species. The pelicans are well known for the immense bag they have at the bottom of their long beak.

Economic development Canton Sucre

Among the main productive activities of this region, there is shrimp production, which generates foreign exchange for the country, as well as agriculture, livestock, poultry, commerce, fishing and tourism. Recycled paper crafts are one of the most appreciated attractions when choosing a souvenir to remember your stay in Bahia. Some groups of women and young people are dedicated to this art where countless paper items such as cards, agendas, envelopes, calendars, office supplies are achieved.

Typical Meals Canton Sucre

Shrimp ceviche: It is prepared with boiled shrimp, lemon juice, sour orange juice, mustard, tomato sauce, coriander, pepper, paiteña onion. It is accompanied with chifles or canguil.

Breaded shrimp: This dish consists of shrimp seasoned with ground garlic and cumin; breaded and fried. It is accompanied by rice, a fresh salad and patacones.

The casserole or peanut cake is a dish based on bananas, peanuts and some type of fish.

Tourist Attractions Canton Sucre

  1. Heart Island Wildlife Refuge
  2. Charapot
  3. Estuary of the Chone River
  4. Mangrove Mouth
  5. Caráquez Bay
  6. Cerro Seco Biological Reserve
  7. San Jacinto

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