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Centro de Turismo Comunitario Indichuris - Pomona - Pastaza - Ecuador

Indichuris is an ethno-ecological project of the Quichua community in the province of Pastaza, located near the Puyo, at kilometer 35 of the road to Pomona. To enter the community it is made by a path surrounded by trees such as heliconias and bromeliads, you have to cross two bridges made of metal cans as there are two streams. You walk a distance of 800 meters, the journey takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes, until you reach the edge of the Puyo River where the community is settled.

The tourist activity in the community draws attention since it is possible to observe the different ethnographic manifestations such as ceramics, carving figures and preparation of typical foods, among other activities can be made walks to observe flora and fauna of the place as guatusa, armadillos, boas, fish, birds, medicinal plants, etc.

Ceramic handicrafts are made by women in the community who use local materials such as clay and the technique they use is the characteristic manufacture of "Canelos Quichuas". These are modeled with pieces of bark and with the hands, for the decoration they use earth-colored paints of colors and the baking is in an open oven, the vessels are used for home purposes: to put the water since they are very wide or for the preparation of cassava chicha. The raft crafts are also made by family members, they perform masks.

The typical dishes that are made in the Indichuris community are: the "Maito" which is prepared with whole fish with salt wrapped in a leaf of bijao and steamed near a stove. The "Uchu Mango" is a fish broth or meat cooked with chili and salt. The "duck broth" which is cooked with firewood or charcoal in clay pots covered with leaves contains cassava, salt and duck prey. The "catfish broth" is a grated plantain with salt and catfish. "Sahino stew" meat to the juice cooked with chili, yucca salt and banana. The preparation of the famous "Chicha de Yuca" consists of the cooking of the cassava accompanied with the sweet potato, then these tubers are crushed, allowed to mature and then added water to serve.


  • Lodging
  • Restaurant
  • Nightlife
  • Daytime Hiking
  • Arteanías
  • Ceramics


  • Canoe ride
  • lookout
  • Lianas
  • Hammocks for rest


  • Accommodation 5.00usd / pax
  • Restaurant dishes from 1.50usd to 6.00usd
  • 1.50usd center entrance
  • Ceramics from 1.50usd to 250.00usd
  • Handicrafts from 2.50usd to 1500.00usd


24 hours / 365 days



Indichuris is an ethno-ecological project of the Quichua community in the province of Pastaza, located near the Puyo...

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