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Napu Manka Wuarmi - Tena - Napo - Ecuador

Serafina Cerda is an Amazonian from Alto Napo. He learned from his mother and this one of his ancestral technique for the making of pottery.

With a completely natural procedure and materials, he makes beautiful decorative and utilitarian pieces with his hands.

The designs represent: the life force, the living beings, the spirits of the forest, the energy of nature, the petroglyphs existing in the ancient jungle.

Napu Manka Wuarmi has been recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of his work and for the importance of preserving the ancient technique of ceramic production. It is certainly a gateway to the past of the Kichwa Amazonian culture.

If you are interested in knowing the process of making these handicrafts Napu Mank Wuarmi offers you the step-by-step explanation and the possibility of molding with your own hands a unique object.


  • Ceramics with Ancestral Amazonian Designs
  • Decorative and Utility Products


  • Tourist information
  • Sale of Crafts


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Serafina Cerda, a Kichwa woman from the Province of Napo elaborates ceramic pieces with ancestral Amazonian designs...

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