Finca Valle Verde

Finca Valle Verde

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Finca Valle Verde, in Arosemena Tola - Napo - Ecuador

We offer chocolate and coffee liquor made with chocolate and 100% organic coffee, we have our own production farm where we select all of our coffee beans and cocoa that will be dried and ground to make our raw material.

All our products have all sanitary permits for production and marketing nationwide, our customers prefer us.

For orders please contact us or place your orders directly on the New Malecon of the city of Tena, where we have our local promotion and commercialization of our products, we are subsidiaries of Napu Marka.


  1. Coffee liquor
  2. Cacao Liqueur
  3. Pure chocolate
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Cocoa coffee liqueurs

  1. Small bottle 5.00 usd.
  2. Large Bottle 12.00 usd.

Hours of Attention

Sales 24 hours, for orders to call our contact numbers.