Napo Province - Ecuador

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Napo Province

This is one of the 24 provinces that make up our beautiful country Ecuador..!

Napo Province

The Napo Province is one of the 24 provinces that make up the Republic of Ecuador, located in the north central part of the country, in the geographical zone known as Amazon region, mainly on the outer flanks of the western cordillera in the north and west and the extensive Amazonian plain to the south. Its administrative capital is the city of Tena, which is also its largest and most populated city. It occupies a territory of about 13.271 km ², being the eighth province of the country by extension. It limits the north with Sucumbíos, the south with Pastaza, the west with Pichincha, Cotopaxi and Tungurahua and to the east with Orellana.

According to the last national census (2010), 103,697 people live in napense, being the fourth least populated province in the country, behind Zamora Chinchipe, Pastaza and Galápagos. The Province of Napo is constituted by 5 cantons, from which 5 urban parishes are derived and 20 rural parishes.

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