For many,  Los Frailes beach, in Ecuador, is the best in the country because of its extension, because it is isolated, separated from the road and because it is usually practically empty.

In addition, not only this beach is the interesting thing of the area, there are two others that can be reached from Los Frailes and a viewpoint to the entire coast and the Machalilla National Park.

This beach belongs precisely to the Machalilla National Park, where the island of La Plata is also located.

Puerto López is a city in Manabí, Ecuador, without much interest, but where you can make several visits such as the Isla de la Plata, the beach of Los Frailes, or the Agua Blanca Commune.

Although Los Frailes is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ecuador, do not expect to find calm turquoise waters.

 Photo Los Frailes Beach in Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

It is an oceanic beach that, despite being protected by two rock outcrops, usually has waves and currents. In any case, your bath is allowed and it is very pleasant to walk on the clear sand along its three kilometers in length.

Just walking to the north end is a path that climbs up to the viewpoint, an excellent place to see Los Frailes Beach and the Machalilla National Park.

If you go in the dry season the landscape that surrounds Los Frailes will be almost desert, however, everything turns green when the rains arrive.

From the viewpoint, it is also possible to spot whales, especially in the months of June to September.

 Photo Los Frailes Beach in Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador


  • Bring food and water since no food is sold in the place.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Clothes to get into the sea.
  • Sunscreen and umbrella.
  • Bottled water.

 Photo Los Frailes Beach in Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

How to get to Los Frailes beach?

From Puerto López it is possible to rent a taxi, or hire a tour to Los Frailes.

You can also go on your own, boarding a taxi-motorbike to the terminal of Puerto López ($ 0.50 per person) and then on the bus to Jipijapa, asking to be warned when you arrive at Los Frailes (also for 0.50). Dollars).

From the entrance, after registering, you have to walk a half hour to the beach.

You must take your personal documents, since at the entrance of Los Frailes Beach there is a registration center of the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador, where all those who enter the site must leave their data, as

  • Place of origin.
  • Complete names.
  • Age.
  • Identification number or Passport.

Another option is to deviate by a path to the right that is more interesting, but much longer.

 Photo Los Frailes Beach in Puerto López - Manabí - Ecuador

Around here you will reach two more beaches before Los Frailes.

It's about Playita Negra and La Tortuguita, which are smaller and equally beautiful, but the bathroom is not allowed.

What do you expect to visit one of the most emblematic beaches of Ecuador.