The Montañita boardwalk was built with materials that are friendly to nature.

The infrastructure is above the rock that rose as protection from the ravages of the sea.

It comprises an extension of 400 meters of clay pavers and teak wood was used for the railing. The corridor is 2.5 meters wide.

It has lighting, stairs to enter the beach, benches, sanitary batteries, pergolas and planters.

In two sections of the boardwalk stand out the same number of surfboards with the caption: "I love Montañita". The idea is that they are one of the reference points for tourists.

 Photo Malecon of Montanita Ecuador

While you travel the Malecón you can enjoy a relaxed monento and share with friends or family the majesty of the sea that collides with its large waves, which are preferred by domestic and foreign tourists to learn and surf.

In this place there are rest areas where it is very common to find tourists talking peacefully and without any worries.

 Photo Malecon of Montanita Ecuador

The busiest place in the sector and where every tourist who visits Montañita must go is the Malecón, here you can listen to dialects from all over the world, depending on the season you will meet Chilean, Argentine, Asian, French, German tourists and much more.

In the reocrrido of the boardwalk there are varied lodging options in Montañita, such as hotels and hostels of different tastes and prices, which offer their services with a privileged view towards the sea.

 Photo Malecon of Montanita Ecuador

We recommend you to wear sunglasses and sunscreen to avoid a burn, and in this way you can enjoy this beautiful place to the fullest.