The Piatúa River Tourist Resort and Piatúa Cabins

The Tourist Spa of the Piatúa River, is located in the Santa Clara canton belonging to the Pastaza Province.

This is a fantastic place and very rich in flora and fauna, here you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Piatua River that comes down from the Llanganates.

The waters of this river are crystalline, the bed is formed by showy stones, of boulder, full, and shallow to the sides of its course you can see how a riverine forest opens up on the way downstream, you can also observe epiphytes, mosses, ferns and heliconias.

In this river we can find species of sardine (Hemigramus sp.), Carachama (Chaetostoma Sp.) Dorado, bocachico, among other species of fish.

This river is the owner of a magical and spectacular landscape, which is combined with the cultural wealth of the Santa Clara district.

 Photo Piatúa Cabins in Santa Clara, Province of Pastaza, Ecuador

How to get to the Piatúa Cabins?

  1. To get to this beautiful place from the city of Ambato we can do it by bus, VIP transport or in our own car, the route is: Ambato - Baños - Puyo - Santa Clara - Cabañas Piatua.
  2. To get to the attraction from Quito we can take the Route: Quito - Baeza - Archidona - Tena - Arosemena Tola - Cabañas Piatua.

Activities you can do in the Piatua Cabins

In the Piatúa River Spa we can carry out the following activities:

  1. Hike the trails
  2. Observation of flora and fauna
  3. Swimming in the Piatua River
  4. Extreme sports: as: rafting, kayaking and sport fishing.

 Photo Piatúa Cabins in Santa Clara, Province of Pastaza, Ecuador

Typical Gastronomy of the Piatúa Cabins

The Piatua cabins have a restaurant: which offers a variety of foods such as: tilapia maitos (typical Amazonian food) Fried tilapia, steamed tilapia and juice, also has ceviches, Creole chicken broth, volqueteros and a variety of juices and ice cream, etc.

It also has a bar where there is; beers, waters, Güitig, colas, cigarettes.

In the place there are sports courts where you can practice soccer and volleyball, as well as covered grills to prepare roasts or barbecues between friends or family.

Travel Recommendations

  1. It is recommended to take a camera.
  2. Bathing suit.
  3. Repellent.
  4. Change clothes.
  5. Cap.
  6. Do not leave Trash in place.

 Photo Piatúa Cabins in Santa Clara, Province of Pastaza, Ecuador

Places near the Piatúa Cabins

Along the Piatua River there are several places where you can enjoy the river and the nature that surrounds it, they are shallow pools where you can enjoy a pleasant moment.

To get to these places you can do it on the road that leads to the Piatúa Cabins, there are some access areas for these places.

Always remember that this is one of the few places that harbor clean and crystalline waters and therefore you have to keep them, do not contaminate them or leave your garbage.

 Photo Piatúa Cabins in Santa Clara, Province of Pastaza, Ecuador