The house of Olmedo is one of the most important attractions of the canton, since here the treaty of the Virginia was signed between the Nationalist forces and General Juan José Flores.

The National Institute of Cultural Heritage in exercise of the powers conferred on it by the Cultural Heritage Law, declared the Hacienda La Virginia and the Casa de Olmedo, because in it José Joaquín de Olmedo spent long periods of time belonging to the State Cultural Heritage , by the House of Culture of the province of Los Ríos.

The Hacienda la Virginia, a place of spiritual peace, was the setting for the inspiration of numerous poems, as well as great events that allowed decisions to be made that were very important for the country.

It was owned by Captain Miguel Agustín de Olmedo father of José Joaquín de Olmedo who, at his death, was left in inheritance to his son.

Olmedo was a man who excelled not only because of his valuable cooperation within Ecuadorian literature, but also because of the importance for him of transcendental events that marked or changed many times the course that Ecuador was taking.

This is a heritage destination for the city of Babahoyo, since in this land there was the home where the Ecuadorian politician and poet José Juaquín Olmedo y Maruri lived, to relive the story a representation of how Olmedo's house could be built was built. time.

In the lower part of Casa Olmedo you will find a space with barrels, bags of cocoa beans, replicas of the works of José Juaquín Olmedo placed inside a glass urn, as well as historical information.

On the second floor there are some rooms, where dolls and furniture have been placed, which help to recreate a bit the story of how Olmedo's life could have been.

The House of Olmedo is sheltered by giant trees of Samán. In Hacienda La Virginia, in Babahoyo, this construction is built, which has a historical and heritage value for Ecuador. It is located on the right bank of the Babahoyo River, in front of the capital of Fluminense from where it is observed. It can be reached by crossing a vehicular bridge, taking a canoe on the edge of the center of the city or entering via Babahoyo-Quevedo.

In the House are exhibited the belongings of the poet and former president, including his dining room, bed, meeting chairs, cabinets, paintings and kitchen utensils. It also adds to this some archaeological remains of the cultures that settled in the Province of Los Ríos.

 Photo The house of Olmedo in Babahoyo Province of Los Ríos

The house is on two floors, with a tiled roof, walls of bamboo covered with plaster and large wooden balconies. It is located in the middle of a garden full of flowers, ornamental plants, mango trees and lush trees.

This historical heritage, built in the seventeenth century, is currently being remodeled, the work is done so that the house does not suffer the effects of the passage of time.

 Photo The house of Olmedo in Babahoyo Province of Los Ríos

For this they use wood brought from the forests of the province, which is first cured with products that protect it against moth, woodworm, termites and other insects.

The House of Olmedo is not only a living memory of history, but the most representative place in the city of Babahoyo.