Tingo is one of the busiest places in the parish of Alangasí, on the outskirts of Quito. Famous are the hornados that the families of the sector offer to tourists, who can enjoy their spa or visit the central park and the church.

The spa of El Tingo, is one of the main attractions of this parish located south east of Quito, which receives hundreds of tourists every weekend, holiday and vacation. It has an area of ​​two hectares and its waters have an average temperature of 37 centigrade.

In the complex there is an indoor pool with a capacity for 25 people, another one that is 25 meters long and 6 meters wide and an indoor pool with a capacity for 10 people, where liver disease treatment is provided. It also has a rehabilitation center for rheumatic diseases, with two hydromassage rooms for rehabilitation therapy.

How to get to El Tingo Spa?

From the San Rafael triangle you take the bus that runs along the Ilaló road and reaches the El Tingo neighborhood, where it is easy to go to the resort of the same name.

Located to the Southwest of the monument to the Middle of the World, approximately 1 Kilometer, on the banks of the Pisque River.

 Photo El Tingo hot springs in Quito Ecuador

In El Tingo there are slopes of mixed waters of volcanic origin mixed with filtration or meteoric waters, which due to their mineral content are used for gastronomic or therapeutic purposes, for treatments of arteriosclerosis, phlebitis, rheumatism, skin diseases, neuritis and polyneuritis, climacteric disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, nervous, respiratory and trauma conditions.

An important feature of this recreational center is the incorporation of two exclusive pools for the elderly and for those with disabilities, in which wheelchairs can be used, in addition, to provide security for users, it has iron railings. All the pools are supplied by five slopes and stored in five wells and, often the water reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

There is also an area for green spaces and trails, a football field and a volleyball court. For the entertainment of children there are various children's games. In the recreation area there is a buoy channel and the family use pools have two slides.

In front of the facilities of this spa there is a food court, where 24 stalls of typical dishes are located, typical of the country's cuisine. In addition, the Zonal Administration of the Los Chillos Valley announced that a craft square will be created and a green area will be adapted for rest and walking.

The complex is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 08:00 to 16:00. Admission is USD 1.50 for adults and 0.50 children. Pets and food are not allowed in the pools


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