This museum has been considered strange and different from the others since it shows all kinds of ancient utensils, a sample of different species of embalmed animals, paintings and objects related to the Virgin of Holy Water.

In this place you will be able to observe and admire an architecture of Baroque style, when walking through its corridors you will be amazed to contemplate its gardens with a central pool which attracts a lot of attention, being a good combination to delight the view among the multiple pieces of art that You can find.

How to get Enrique Mideros Museum?

The Museum of the Virgin of Holy Water is located in the Convent of the Dominican Fathers where culture, religious art, painting and clothing of the Virgin of Baths of Holy Water are exhibited.

Tourist Attractions of the Fray Enrique Mideros Museum in Baños de Agua Santa

Embalmed species: Inside the museum there are several rooms, where a number of embalmed animal species are exhibited that give the impression that they will come alive at any time.

The Outfits: Inside this museum you will find all the clothes of the Virgin, which have been donated by her parishioners.

Fray Enrique Mideros Museum Entrance Price in Baños de Agua Santa

  • Adults: $ 1.50
  • Children: $ 0.75

  Photo Fray Enrique Mideros Museum in Baños de Agua Santa