The "Los Ahorcados" Islet is made up of two small islets located 2.2 kilometers west of Ayampe. No geological information is available, but making a correlation with the emerging materials on the continent, it is assumed that these islets are composed of volcanic rocks, represented by diabasas doleritas, pyroxenites and basalts.

The islet consists of three amorphous rocky bumps that arise from the same base.

"Los Ahorcados" can alternatively be classified as a "diving area", as it is recognized locally.

Among the activities that can be carried out in Islote los Ahorcados are: snorkeling, coastal walk, sport fishing and whale and bird watching.

 Photo Islote los Ahorcados en Puerto Lopez - Manabi - Ecuador

With a scarce vegetation, small patches in the high parts constituted by very small trees.

Nearby Attractions of the Los Ahorcados Islet in Puerto López - Manabí

• Ayampe: It is one of the most beautiful areas of Manabí and one of the main attractions of the town, due to its calm waters it is ideal for water sports such as: swimming, sport fishing, sighting of humpback whales, diving, water skiing , surf and boat rides.

• Ayampe Beach: An ideal place for those who enjoy the sun, swimming and diving; It has outdoor huts, in addition to a small boat house where you can rent all kinds of diving equipment, jet skis and tricycles.

• Bird watching in Ayampe: Taking walks along the valley of the Ayampe River will leave us with a pleasant surprise in the observation of multicolored birds that will delight us not only with their presence but with all the pleasant sounds they emit in soft harmonic melody.

 Photo Islote los Ahorcados en Puerto Lopez - Manabi - Ecuador