Blue Lagoon in the Community of Talag, city of Tena in the Province of Napo.

The story tells that 30 years ago in the Tena-Salcedo road project, the rucos, so called in their native language were the first in the Alukus community as it was formerly known, this name was given by an abundant amount of ants that lived in the place.

Gabriel Guallo, Carlos Shiguango and his wife Sarita were the first entrepreneurs of this community tourism center, they were in charge of making tourists arrive at this magical place known now as Waysa Yaku, translated into Spanish guayusa water, tourists baptized as "Blue Lagoon" because of the blue-green color of its more than 5 pools formed by natural rocks protruding from the skirts of the Llanganates.

The refreshing water that descends from the mountain, flows into the cold waters of the Jatun Yaku River, considered class three level for lovers of extreme sports such as kayaking, tubing and rafting.

 Photo Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador a paradise in the jungle

The activity of community tourism within the primary forest of the Amazon. It started in 1994, with the aim of maintaining the cultural identity of the indigenous peoples, the conservation of the ecosystem and the intercultural relationship with visitors from different countries.

This Kichua community has a number of interesting tourist attractions such as: natural pool, waterfalls, giant butterflies, orchids, fishing, gold washing, participation in the cassava farm, craftsmanship, explanation of medicinal plants, hiking, ancestral knowledge of culture, history and indigenous traditions related around a bonfire, rituals of shamanism (optional).

All this housed in rustic cabins built with materials from the middle and enjoying local food.

The blue lagoon in the community of Talag, its waters are very cold and clear, and the jungle that surrounds them is beautiful.

What to do in Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador

  1. Camping area
  2. Bonfire night with the community sages
  3. Guided walks on trails that go into the jungle
  4. Natural butterfly
  5. Tubbing on the Waysa Yaku River
  6. Typical gastronomy
  7. Sale of crafts

How to get to Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador

  1. From the city of Tena, you must take the Pano-Talag road and travel approximately 20 km.
  2. The last 6 km of the arrival road is ballasted but in good condition, you can even get around by bike or your own vehicle. You can also arrive by taking a bus from the "Centinela del Tena" Transport Cooperative, which has shifts every day.
  3. Currently the GPS Apps do not have the ballasted road signposted, but it is not difficult to guide you through its signs.
  4. Upon arrival you have a comfortable parking lot on the outskirts of the complex and the guides will give you the necessary instructions.

Entrance costs to Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador

  1. USD 2 for national tourists,
  2. USD 3 for foreign tourists

 Photo Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador a paradise in the jungle

Typical dishes at Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador

  1. Maito de tilapia y de chontacuro
  2. Creole chicken broths and dried
  3. Fried tilapia
  4. Roasted tilapia
  5. Tilapias with juice
  6. Wayusa jug
  7. Chicha with peanuts

Precautions and safety tips when traveling to Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador

You must HAVE VERY CARE when walking on the rocks, for that there are caregivers that will indicate the authorized paths, a signage has been created that we suggest you respect.

 Photo Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador a paradise in the jungle

DO NOT TOUCH plants or animals, TAKE CARE OF NATURE!

The river JatunYaku is torrentoso and considered dangerous HIGH degree and it becomes very RISKED to circulate by him, for that reason we recommend you to always remain in the safe zones that are the near ones to the swimming pools.

It is a natural reserve so you MUST NOT LEAVE GARBAGE, the guides will tell you where to do it.

Tourist offer in Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador

The Talag parish is one hour by car from the Canton Tena, a town belonging to the province of Napo.

The inhabitants of the site offer the service of lodging and gastronomy since 2011 with community tourism.

 Photo Laguna Azul Tena Ecuador a paradise in the jungle

3 cabins were built to provide lodging service to local or foreign tourists.

The cabins The 'Blue Lagoon' has 3 cabins to host local or foreign tourists.

The cost is $ 10 per person.