In Baños de Agua Santa you can visit different tourist activities, where the harmony of nature meets the beauty of the city.

The best known viewpoints in Banos Ecuador are:

Runtún viewpoint

The exit for the viewpoint of the Volcano is always done at 9:00 p.m. from the city of Baños de Agua Santa to the mountain of Runtún for 30 minutes until you reach the Mirador de Bellavista from where you can observe the city of Baños de Agua Santa from the heights As such a small valley has an amazing beauty surrounded by mountains of charm that catches the eyes of night visitors where you can also enjoy a juggling show with fire, laugh with the clowns and savor the famous "Canelazo" a traditional hot drink of the Ecuadorian Andes, you will have time to look at the city of Baños de Agua Santa and take pictures to take great memories of the Little Piece of Heaven Baños Ecuador.

Bellavista Cross Viewpoint

A site with a privileged view this viewpoint gives you the beauty of Baños de Agua Santa and its surroundings.

It is located in the Sector of Bellavista, Runtún, In the place you can admire a panoramic view of the city of Baños de Agua Santa, at this point you can see the beauty of Ventanas, and even a part of Runtún, Loma de Chontilla said sector is known as the Plank.

As it is outdoors it has no cost or schedule.

How to get to the Mirador?

From the terrestrial end, take Pedro Vicente Maldonado street to the path and follow it for approximately 30 minutes until you reach the viewpoint. It is optional to arrive at the place with the use of the bicycle.

By vehicle, you leave the land terminal towards the Puyo, take the deviation to Runtún until you reach the road that leads to the viewpoint. For visitors or tourists there is a clear signage so you can guide.

Viewpoint of the Virgen de Ventanas

From the center Baños de Agua Santa, we go to Montalvo and Juan León Mera street where our adventure will begin, climbing several hundred steps for about 20 minutes to be able to look at the city from the West to the East, that is, pointing to the Amazon, where the sun rises

This gigantic sculpture was armed in pieces brought by helicopter, it is Italian “Carrara” marble that a devotee donated to the city for a miracle received. This Virgin protects the city from the fury of the volcano, which has been faithfully fulfilled, since the city of Baños de Agua Santa in 16 years of continuous eruptions has never been affected, except for a few ash falls that its inhabitants clean neatly, while in other places the ash fall is permanent, abundant and really causes serious problems, including the suspension of flights. This "miracle" that ash does not fall to a city so close to the volcano, is explained by the flow of hot air that always rises from the Amazon and the Pastaza River whose cold current falls from the Andes.

Ojos del Volcán Viewpoint

A natural balcony that allows you to see the wonders of the city of Baños de Agua Santa and contemplate the beautiful Tungurahua volcano.

The name of this viewpoint is due to the fact that the people who were evacuated in the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano in 1999, could see from this place the activity of the volcano. In this one he could monitor the volcanic activity of the Tungurahua.

This is one of the five viewpoints that has Baños de Agua Santa located in the northern part.

How to get Mirador Ojos del Volcán?

Via Illuchi in the Antennas sector The road passes in front of the Jorge Viteri Terminal, estimated travel time 15 minutes by car.

What should you know?

The viewpoint "Ojos del Volcán" has a strategic location to monitor the volcano is at an altitude of 2,708 meters. This place is usually visited especially by photographers to take the best impression of the Tungurahua volcano. Depending on the weather, dark clouds can cover the beautiful view. In the place you can clearly hear the bellows of the volcano.

You can go hiking to Baños de Agua Santa this route has a distance of 10 km and must be in good physical condition. It is recommended to go with warm clothes.

 Photo Tourist Viewpoints in Baños de Agua Santa