Climbing the Cotopaxi Volcano



The Cotopaxi rises majestically over the Andes mountain range and is one of the most active volcanoes in Ecuador, the almost perfect cone shape is a sign of identification that makes it famous. Getting to the top of this volcano is a must for any mountaineer who wants to conquer higher peaks. Technically it is not a difficult mountain, but a good physical condition is a basic requirement for a successful climb. From the top you can enjoy a beautiful view over the wide landscape of the Andes and with a clear view you can even see all the snowy mountains of Ecuador. Taking a look at the interior of the crater with a diameter of 800 m, from which a Sulfur keeps flowing you can imagine how powerful the forces of nature must have been for the creation of such a natural beauty.


First day

The tour begins in Quito at 9 am, where you will meet with the mountain guide and review the equipment. Then when you have all the equipment you will move to the area to camp in the Cotopaxi National Park at about 4,600 meters in a 2 hour tour, then we will hike to the José Rivas refuge at 4810 meters, where we will have lunch. In the afternoon you will have a technical talk about climbing instructions, first aid and safety tips. After having our dinner and organizing the team for the next day, we must go to bed early because we will get up at midnight to start climbing.

Second day

We woke up at midnight in order to climb to the summit at 1 am, it takes 6 to 7 hours to reach the summit and another 3-4 hours to descend. After arriving at the refuge we have our food and a small rest, with the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna in the area. After this experience we leave the Cotopaxi National Park and head towards Quito where the tour ends.


Professional bilingual guide 1 guide for every 2 pax, transportation from Quito to Quito, lodging at the refuge for 1 night, lunch the first day, dinner and breakfast at the refuge, special climbing equipment.

Special climbing equipment included in the tour

Waterproof pants, climbing shoes, leggings, windbreaker jacket, crampons, outer gloves, pickaxe, leggings, climbing harness, sleeping bag.

Not Included

Water bottle, internal polar gloves, energy drinks and snacks, camera, sunscreen, warm pants, sunglasses, warm sweater, wool hat, canes, large backpack to carry the equipment of 50, 70 liters, AAA batteries.

What to bring?

Warm clothing, trekking shoes, personal water bottle, sun cream, toiletries, camera, sunglasses, snacks, 2 pairs of AAA batteries.



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