Cabañas Isla Ecológica Mariana Miller

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Cabañas Isla Ecológica Mariana Miller - Misahualli - Napo - Ecuador

The Mariana Miller Island Inn is located south of our biological reserve in Puni Bocana, defined by the intersection of the Arajuno and Puni rivers. Our center hosts traditionally designed cabins, built of local woods, with individual bathrooms and porches with hanging hammocks. In addition, we have a spacious living room where our kitchen is located, with bar and dining room for guests, a public meeting room overlooking the river and covered outdoor spaces where ideal for relaxing or playing, before and after a day of exploration . More about the cabins here ...

It's time to eat!

These are the words you want to hear after an energetic day of hiking, when the hunger of the jungle takes over. Like our cabins, our dining room is built of local woods, including furniture, with views of the vegetation surrounding the complex. Our chefs are inhabitants of the neighboring region and prepare typical dishes that they enjoy in the area, but with international appeal. Do not forget to mention the fruit drinks that accompanied the feast. You will also discover the reason why the inhabitants of this region are in such good shape, in addition to their daily routines, full of physical activities, will not your diet be part of the reason? The typical diet is designed for a dynamic style of living, like the one you will have as an experience in your stay with us. Learn more about our cuisine here, why it is natural, healthy and delicious.

The land

With the exception of the paths aligned with river stones, which connect the cabins with other spaces, you will not find any paved area, with asphalt or concrete. However, you will find many areas with cassava plants, cacao trees, guavas, lemon or banana, and flowers throughout the year, creating an integral set that harmonizes with the wild vegetation that surrounds us. We have a large area for meetings, covered with a toquilla palm roof, ideal for group activities, and an area to play handball or volleyball.

Views of the River

Imagine that you can walk to the river, wet your feet, take a bath or have a cup of tea before sunset in our corner overlooking the river. It is not the Taj Mahal, but perhaps it has the Taj, a view of the placid waters of the Amazon River Puni? A great little place where you can stretch your legs and talk, or just keep quiet and listen to the flow of the river.


  • Lodging in ecological cabins
  • Excursions on Mariana Island MIller
  • Gastronomy
  • Shamanism
  • The Yuca Palace


  • Panoramic view
  • Jungle tours
  • Tubbing
  • River navigation


  • Accommodation 22.00 usd x pax
  • Excursions: 49.00 usd x pax.
  • Excursion to the Island: 3.00 usd x pax
  • Shamanism: 20.00 usd presentation, 30.00 usd clean
  • Yuca Palace: 3.00 usd x pax
  • Tubbing: 10.00 usd x pax.


24 hours / 365 days



We have eight cabins that accommodate up to fifty-five guests, built in traditional style and using local materials....

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