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Chocolates Kallari Ecuador - Tena - Napo - Ecuador

What is KALLARI?

Kallari is an association made up of 850 producers, mostly kichwa families from 21 communities in Tena Canton, Napo Province of the Ecuadorian Amazon Region; that produce, process and market agricultural products of the chackra in a sustainable manner; improving the living conditions of the associates, conserving the natural and cultural biodiversity.

Kallari is a Kichwa word that means to start, to start. Synonym of principle. It is also used to refer to a situation related to historical events that have happened.

In the association Kallari has been endowed with three principles: the Past, related to the defense of the territory and cultural identity. The sacrifice of parents is recognized. The Present, to understand and defend nature, the pacha mama, to make it produce in harmony and thus seek a sustainable economy over time. The Future, linked to special markets for the benefit of the new generations and leave a dignified legacy for families


"Sustainably improve the economic conditions of local associates and producers, through the production, transformation and commercialization of products of the chakra, conserving culture and the environment"


To be a community company leader in the export of cocoa, its derivatives and products of the chakra, recognized in the local, national and international market for its quality, sustainability and permanent innovation.


  1. Transparency.- Show and demonstrate everything as it really is.
  2. Solidarity.- Understanding the reality of others and supporting them.
  3. Loyalty.- Firmness, commitment, trust, empowerment of the organization, putting the interests of the organization above any other.
  4. Culture.- Respect and appreciation of local culture and natural resources.
  5. Responsibility.- Compliance with the duties and commitments acquired with quality.


Almost two decades ago, the journey began to strengthen an association with a new perspective, which overcomes the short-term actions of traditional organizations, many of them propitiated by short or medium-term projects, which, at the end of the financing, they also followed the course of extinction. Similarly, the welfare approach of the State and some non-governmental organizations, NGOs, determined that it is thought that only external aid to communities can generate development processes.

From these learnings, the Kallari Association implements an organizational model based on concepts and definitions related to the understanding of each of the links in the value chain of products such as cocoa and handicrafts; linkage of other local actors such as mestizo communities; do not mix partisan interests with the activities of the organization; and to believe firmly in the abilities of the Kallari people to generate their own income; and in this way, contribute to the construction of a more equitable development model for the whole of society and friendly to the environment.

Kallari began in 2003, legally establishing itself through the MICIP, which subsequently became MIPRO, and with the reform of the organic structure of the constitution, its management became the parent of the SEPS.

The Chakra of KALLARI

It is a productive space located within the farm, managed by the family under an organic and biodiverse approach, valuing ancestral knowledge, where cocoa is found together with timber, fruit, medicinal, artisan, edible and ornamental species. Managed with a distribution that allows a balanced and sustainable production that serves for family consumption and sale, conserving the agroecological and cultural management of production processes, avoiding the production of monoculture.


  • Chocolates
  • Handicrafts
  • Semi processed
  • Fine National Aroma Cacao
  • Guayusa


  • Amazon tours
  • Organic products


Wholesale and retail


Monday: 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday : 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday : 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday : 08:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED



Kallari chocolates offers the best chocolates in Ecuador, with unique flavors that blend Amazonian products that will make you love our chocolate....

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Muy bueno
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"Muy bueno"

Zully Iturburu | 2020-02-12

El mejor chocolate que he probado. Recomendado

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