The Sambayé Orchestra was created in November 2010 as a valid alternative to enliven the social events that take place in Ecuador highlighting the professionalism of its members, all of them career musicians and with an extensive tour in the best orchestra of Ecuador, the Group Musical The Dukes of Quito.

All this is demonstrated in each of our presentations, highlighting:

  • The choreography,
  • Excellent interpretation of the musical subjects, and,
  • Stylish animation,

Characteristics that have allowed that in its short life like Orquesta Sambayé is considered like one of the best musical groupings of the country.

Sambayé has participated in important events such as:

  • Festival of the Orchestras in the Place of Bulls (like members of the Dukes)
    Performance for Warner Bros. Latin America.
  • Performance in ECTV Tribute to Orchestras
  • Show for Club Tungurahua, Hotel Emperador and Gala productions (Ambato)
  • Performance in the White and Black Carnival in Nariño, Colombia for 3 consecutive years.
  • Presentation in parties of Ambato, Fiestas of Quito, Fiestas of Cuenca and all the national territory
  • Corporate events in the main hotels, farms and events venues all over Ecuador.

They are 9 members who in years ago were part of the group Los Dukes de Quito, with a wide repertoire of tropical and pop music today and the 80's that will make your event a complete success.

When the Sambayé Orchestra enters the stage, it does so not only with its music and its talent in a show that lasts 5 hours, but also:

  • stage,
  • the lighting,
  • The amplification,
  • Additional services like Crazy Hour and Cold Pyrotechnics,
  • Camera group and for the church

Orquesta Sambayé

Customers who hire this band with a long history can forget everything, because the Orquesta Sambayé guarantees that you will get an unforgettable party.

For contacts, reservations and more information you can do it through:


WhatsApp: 0993 693 679