Tena "Capital of the Country of the Cinnamon", or also well-known like San Juan of the Two Rivers of Tena.

It is located in the Amazon Region, three and a half hours from the city of Quito and three hours from the city of Ambato.

Its main activity is tourism, because it has a diversity of natural attractions and cultural manifestations that are located in each of the parishes that have special characteristics that allow visitors to know their history and traditions of the Kichwa ethnic groups and Huaorani.

Ciudad de Tena, Capital del País de la Canela

Agriculture, commerce in general and its friendly and hospitable people, make this place a destination to rest and enjoy to the maximum of its natural and cultural biodiversity.

The city of Tena was founded on November 15, 1560 (Gil Ramirez Dávalos)

Population: 60,880 inhabitants
Average temperature: 25 ° C
Surface area: 3904.3 Km2
Altitude: 510 masl
Humidity: 90 to 100%
Parishes: Tena (urban), Ahuano, Muyuna, Puerto Misahuallí, Pano, Puerto Napo, Chontapunta and Talag (rural).


Limits of the canton Tena
North: Canton Archidona (Napo) and Canton Loreto (Orellana)
South: Provinces of Tungurahua, canton Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola (Napo) and Pastaza.
East: Province of Orellana
West: Provinces of Cotopaxi and Tungurahua

Virtual Tour, obtained from the tourism page of GADM in Canton Tena. Http://www.virtual.tena.gob.ec/