Bolívar - Ecuador

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Bolívar City

This is a beautiful city of Ecuador that you should visit


It is divided into an urban parish Calceta, a city that is also its cantonal head and two rural parishes: Quiroga and Membrillo. Its territory is mountainous, with pleasant climate and extensive vegetation. Here is the "Sixto Durán Ballén" Dam, better known as La Esperanza.

The Carrizal river is the main water source of the canton, navigable during winter, where fishing is also practiced. There is a series of spas, which offer fun to its visitors, throughout the year. Mocora crafts, clay pots, and a variety of sweet made from eggs and dairy products are made.

The territory is quite mountainous and has an area of ​​537.8 square kilometers. The main mountains of the canton are El Bejuco and Membrillo.

Flora in the Catón Bolívar in Manabí

The flora of the central Andes region, consists mostly of rocky grasslands at high altitude known as páramo. The páramo is the ecosystem between 3000 and 5000 meters including moss and wetlands. Although the plant life of the central Andes area is not as colorful as the lower areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon, it is very interesting and complex in its context.

The various species of trees and shrubs in the lower altitude areas of the park include pine, capulí, valeriana, romerillo.

Fauna in the Catón Bolívar in Manabí

The central Andes have almost the same fauna as the Andes of the north and south. Like the other regions, the only animals that survive in the central Andes are those that have subsisted within the little plant life.

Two carnivorous mammals also inhabit the central Andes: the Andean fox and the spectacled bear. The Andean fox is, in fact, a kind of wild dog and has a reddish gray coat. The spectacled bear derives its name from the white patches of skin that surround its eyes, similar to glasses.

Economic development in the Catón Bolívar in Manabí

The main activities are agriculture, livestock, fishing in the La Esperanza Dam and service economy in Calceta, as well as trade and handicrafts made with straw and cotton, with the passing of the years Calceta was developed as the commercial axis of the basically agricultural and extractive economy.

The main products are wood, raft, tagua, real palm, cocoa and coffee.

Tourist places in the Catón Bolívar in Manabi

Los Platanales fresh water spa: The natural environment, the warmth of its people, the delicious flavor of the Creole food, the varied programming and the normal affluent of the waters of the Carrizal river, turned the Platanales de Calceta resort into one of the attractive of greater concurrence of tourists.

Los Almendros fresh water spa: The spa has an extension of approximately 70 meters wide, at the junction of the two rivers: Río Chico and Río Grande.
The Chico River before the union is about 30 meters wide, the Grande River has 40 meters wide before the junction with the Chico River.
The water is inoculant, dark green in dry season (May-November) and terracotta coloring during the rainy months, with a temperature between 24º - 26ºC

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